An Analysis of the business Microsoft and a brief overview on Windows Operative System

Microsoft: The Company

It wouldn’t be fair to speak about the Windows OPERATING-SYSTEM without first looking at the origins of the business that created it. William H. Gates III and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975. These were both only 19 years old. In 1980 International Business Machines Company (IBM) chose Microsoft to create the operating-system for the IBM Personal computer personal laptop, to be introduced the next year. Within its agreement with IBM, Microsoft was permitted to permit the operating system to others. By 1984 Microsoft acquired certified MS-DOS to 200 pc manufacturers, making MS-DOS the typical operating system for computers.

In 1985 Microsoft released Windows, an operating-system that extended the top features of MS-DOS and utilized a graphical interface. In 1990 Microsoft became the first of all personal-computer software provider to record $1 billion in gross annual revenue. As Microsoft’s dominance grew in the market for personal-computer os's, the company was accused of monopolistic organization practices.


Windows is a personal computer operating-system sold by Microsoft Company that allows users to get into instructions with a point-and-click unit, such as a mouse, rather than a keyboard. House windows provides users with a graphical interface (GUI), that allows them to control small pictures, called icons, using the pc screen to issue instructions. Windows is the hottest operating system on earth.

Windows 1.0 was released on November 20, 1985. Type 1.0 enabled users to utilize several programs simultaneously, switching