An Research of the Potato Tissue's Mass Difference When Put into Different Concentrations of Glucose Solutions

`Planning My shoot for this experiment is normally to start to see the results of

potato tissue's mass difference, when positioned in several concentrations of

sugar solutions. Variables

involved: For this experiment I would have a much 3

different variables, Independent, Dependent, and set variables, which all

helps me to package and explain the experiment carefully. The

Independent variable (things you change), the matter that I am changing in this

investigation into the elements affecting osmosis, may be the concentrations of the

solution that helps me to research osmosis with potato cells. The different sugar concentrations will be

changed to start to see the consequence of the potatoes when located in sugar solutions placed

in different molarities (strengths). Dependent

Variable (things

that you measure) the things that I'm going to be calculating in this experiment on

osmosis may be the mass change and length transformation of the potatoes located in

different molarities of sugar solutions.

I will record the masses in grams by