Dental Hygienist 2-Year Programs

Dental hygienist programs abound these days. Dental hygienist 2-year programs are considered the standard for all individuals who intend to complete necessary educational requirements. Such programs are designed to allow students to obtain an associate degree after completion. That degree will serve as a passport to the lucrative field.

Dental hygienist 2-year programs as standard of education will teach students with the basics of administrative duties and of assisting dental practices. Students are expected to eventually develop skills that are considered necessary for educating and guiding patients about dental and oral hygiene.

Needless to say, dental hygienist 2-year programs cover various educational requirements for aspiring dental hygienists. Here are some basic information you should know about those programs, which you should take and complete if you intend to build a career as a dental hygiene professional.

Requirements Of Dental Hygienist 2-Year Programs

Schools usually require students to have at least GED or high school diploma before they are admitted for dental hygienist 2-year programs. Students must also be at least 18 years old. They must of course pass college entrance examinations. There can be some other minor prerequisites before admission, which may vary depending on dental hygienist schools.

It is also a requirement for most dental hygienist 2-year programs that a student must have taken up important subjects in high school. Those subjects include mathematics, biology, and chemistry, which are logically important as foundation for basic and major dental hygiene courses.

Dental hygienist 2-year programs lead to associate degree, which is the minimum accreditation requirement for an individual to be allowed to take licensure examinations. That applies to almost all states. Thus, it is not surprising that enrollment in such programs continue to increase.

Logically, a student should also have the drive and proper interest to enlist in any of available dental hygienist 2-year programs. After passing all entrance and admission requirements, he would then be allowed to finally start taking in required courses.

Courses In Dental Hygienist 2-Year Programs

There are specific courses that are included in the usual curriculum for dental hygienist 2-year programs. To earn an associate degree, a student must take and pass certain and required subjects, which include the following: Sociology, Psychology, Anatomy, Tooth Morphology, Microbiology, Clinical Dental Hygiene, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Periodontology, Oral Pathology, Pain Management, Dental Health, Laboratory, and Dental Literature Review.

The required courses should accumulate up to 74 credit hours, which should be completed prior to graduation. The student should be able to complete the chosen program by the prescribed time for him to be able to immediately take licensure exams and earn the associate degree at the same time. There is also a required average, which should not be lower than a ‘c’.

Internship is of course part of any of available dental hygienist 2-year programs. It will facilitate one-on-one experiences in actually working with patients and dentists. Some schools offer on-campus dental clinics while some set up arrangements with specific local dentists’ offices. Working in an actual dental healthcare environment is an important aspect of dental hygienist training.

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