How Much Dental Assistant Make Per Month

How much dental assistants make per month may be influenced by many factors. Logically, pay structures consider the professional’s education, location, and level of experience. Compared to other occupations in all fields and industries, monthly earnings of dental assistants can be more significant or higher figure. That is why many people are aiming to work as one.

Most of the data available are on annual basis. That is why to figure out how much dental assistants make per month, there is a need to divide the annual figures each by 12. The monthly amount to be derived may also not include other financial perks and benefits that may be provided by employers as well as bonuses and overtime pay. By that, it may mean that the estimate may still be undervalued.

Looking At How Much Dental Assistants Make Per Month

On the average, about $2,700 is how much dental assistants make per month. That can be higher compared to how much some other professionals in the dental team earn on the same period. The figure is provided to dental assistants who are regularly employed and who are rendering more or less 40 working hours each week. That can be translated to at least 8 working hours, 5 days weekly.

Starting salaries for beginners or fresh graduates may be lower. At the same time, some employers may also pay much less. The lowest estimated salary for such professionals is at $1,700. That is how much dental assistants make per month when they are still in the entry level.

How much dental assistants make per month may be much higher as they accumulate years of experience. In the US, the highest recorded monthly salary for dental assistants so far is about $3,700. It is possible for a senior dental assistant to earn a basic pay of up to $4,000 or more depending on his years of experience working in the profession.

How Much Dental Assistants Make Per Month In Various States

As expected, how much dental assistants make per month may vary per state. Logically, salaries are higher in some states than in others. Just like other occupations, dental assistants may not expect to receive uniform salaries across the US. That is because demand for dental services may differ in each state along with several other factors like population, health conditions, and income of individuals.

How much dental assistants make per month can be highest if they are working in Alaska. The average monthly pay structure for such professionals there currently stands at $3,500. In New Hampshire, dental assistants can possibly receive an average monthly salary of $3,400, same with how much same professionals earn in Minnesota.

About $2,000 is how much dental assistants make per month in West Virginia, where those professionals presently can receive the least. Those in Utah and Alabama can also expect monthly salaries within the same level. Thus, dental assistants are advised to first check out salaries in states where they intend to work. They might have to relocate or work in other states where they can possibly earn higher monthly salaries.

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