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Multimedia Influences about American Tradition


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The course provides an introduction to the most prominent kinds of media that influence and impact cultural, business, politics, and well-known culture in contemporary America. It is exploring the unique facets of each channel as well as communications across various media that combine to produce rich environments for information posting, entertainment, business, and interpersonal interaction in the U. S. and around the community.

Course Subject areas & Aims

Week One: The Internet: Social Media

·Identify forms of social networking.

·Recognize the benefits of social media.

·Recognize the issues of social websites.

·Explain how social websites has affected commerce.

Week A single: The Internet: Info and On the net Concepts

·Explain the value and importance of the availability of information around the Internet. ·Describe credibility difficulties with information on the world wide web. ·Summarize the effect of the Internet on politics.

Week Two: The Intersections of American Culture and Media

·Summarize the evolution of media in the last 100 years.

·Define media convergence.

·Explain how multimedia convergence is promoting American tradition.

Week Two: Well-known Music

·Explain how music and lifestyle influence one another.

·Describe the evolution of pop music throughout the last century.

Week Three: TV and Movies

·Explain how culture is reflected in movies and television. ·Explain the relationship among television and movies and tradition.

Week Three: Electronic Online games and Entertainment

·Identify the impact electronic game titles have upon culture.

·Select the most influential and important online games released towards the general public in the last few years. ·Describe controversial problems over modern electronic video games.

Week Four: News Media

·Describe the role of media in delivering media to the community. ·Explain the significance of instant news media delivery on lifestyle. ·Describe the social required news media.

Week Several: The Internet: Moral and Legal Issues

·Identify ethical and legal considerations on the internet world. ·Describe the importance of ethical and legal complying in on-line interactions.

Week Five: The Emerging Forms of Press vs . Classic Forms

·Identify the various data delivery methods to audiences. ·Compare advantages and disadvantages of recent media delivery. ·Explain all of the changes in press over the last century.

Program Materials

Campbell, R., Martin, C., & Fabos, W. (2010). Multimedia and traditions: An introduction to mass marketing and sales communications. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's.

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Week 4  Assignments

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Week One

The world wide web: Social Media

·Identify varieties of social media.

·Recognize the benefits of social media.

·Recognize the problems of social media.

·Explain how social media offers affected trade.

The world wide web: Information and Online Concepts

·Explain the worth and importance of the availability details on the Net. ·Describe credibility issues with information on the Internet. ·...