An Examination of Period of Immigration to the North by Tayeb Salih

 An Research of Time of Immigration to the North by Tayeb Salih Dissertation

Season of Migration to the North: A comparison between the two deaths of Hosna Bint Mahmoud and Jean Morris

Season of Migration to the North can be described as classically sophisticated Arabic novel written by the late Sudanese writer Tayeb Salih regarding the problems faced due to colonization and the perceptions towards the ‘new' world. Over the novel concerns such as racism, sexism, file corruption error and the disadvantages of modernisation are discovered and problems are all presented by Tayeb Salih in the two moments where Hosna Bint Mahmoud commits suicide after eradicating the old guy, Wad Rayyes and also when ever Jean Morris is killed by Mustafa Sa'eed in ‘love'. With this essay Let me explore the two scenes by which these ladies both perish, and compare the fatalities.

The murder scene of Wad Rayyes and the suicide of Hosna, are extremely unconventional because of the fact that this in Sudan this time it had been exceptionally unusual for women to murder their very own husbands while the narrator claims ‘it is its not all day that a woman gets rid of a man, let alone her husband', yet inside the chapter before the murder the narrator results in soldiers buying woman that has killed her husband which shows the change in behavior in the Sudan, as they are getting off their usual traditions and showing the social discord in the country as they believe they may be developing like the West but they are in fact limiting their own creation. Hosna's committing suicide and her murder of Wad Rayyes is narrated by the comical character of Bint Majzoub, who in the novel is portrayed because an open girl who talks her mind throughout as Tayeb Salih describes her as " uninhibited in her conversation” so it is of no surprise for the reader that she is normally the one who informs the narrator of the occurrence in the community when not a soul dares to talk about it. This is similar to the murder of Jean Morris by Mustafa Sa'eed because held back from the reader just like the deaths of Hosna & Wad Rayyes are retained away from the narrator.

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