An instance Study of Utilizing Online Exams

 A Case Analyze of Using Online Exams Essay

Journal of College Educating & Learning – Dec 2009

Volume 6, Number 8

Utilizing Online Tests: A Case Examine

Stacy Meters. P. Schmidt, Ed. M., California Condition University, Santa ana, USA David L. Ralph, Ph. G., Pepperdine University or college, USA Bruce Buskirk, Ph. D., Pepperdine University, UNITED STATES

ABSTRACT Technology has opened up a wide range of options for the college classroom. Hence, the class room has changed in lots of ways. Some courses have been transformed into fully online courses. Learners and teachers do not have any kind of face-to-face speak to in these classes. Other courses have transformed a portion with their courses to online. These kinds of classes are generally referred to as Hybrid classes. Learners and trainers meet face-to-face for a part of the study course and complete on the net assignments to get the remainder with the course. A few other courses possess maintained their very own face-to-face study course but have included technology into those programs. Instructors include utilized a number of technologies including but are not limited to: Live Chats, Threaded Discussions – Forums, Powerpoint Presentations, Email, Videos, Application, Spreadsheets, Word Processors, On the net Portals, Electronic Portfolios/Projects, On-line Exams. This is a case research of the rendering of on-line exams within a traditional class. Students are given a newspaper and pen exam that has been utilized previously in other courses as the midterm. In that case an online test was applied to the training. The case analyze looks at the achievements of the exam from the point of view of the learners and course instructors. Students overwhelmingly indicated that the online exam was superior to the daily news exam. Learners indicated the fact that online exams provided a chance for students to complete the exam at a time that was best for them. These people were able to pick a time that reduced anxiety. The online examination also presented immediate opinions on how they did. Faculty mentioned that even though the online examination does have a number of glitches and concerns about cheating, it absolutely was effective and proved beneficial. Further research need to be carried out regarding the on the web exam to make sure that it is an accurate evaluation of student learning. Keywords: exams, online, net, professor, sites


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echnology has exposed a wide range of choices for the school classroom. Therefore, the class room has changed in a variety of ways. Some courses have been transformed into fully on-line courses. Learners and teachers do not have virtually any face-to-face contact in these training. Other classes have transformed a portion with their courses to online. These types of classes are generally referred to as Hybrid classes. Students and instructors meet face-to-face for a area of the training course and complete on the web assignments pertaining to the remainder with the course. Some other courses have got maintained their particular face-to-face program but have bundled technology in to those training. Instructors include utilized a variety of technologies which include but are not really limited to: Live Chats Threaded Discussions - Forums Powerpoint Presentations you

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Volume six, Number 8

This is an instance study with the implementation of online exams in a classic classroom. Learners in two courses get two exams a midterm and one final. Students are given a daily news exam which has been utilized recently in other courses as the midterm. Then simply an online exam was utilized in the training for their Last Exam. The case study discusses the success of the internet exam as seen by of the pupils and instructors. LITERATURE REVIEW A materials review revealed research and studies based upon implementation of any variety technology in college or university courses. " The internet provides opened various possibilities pertaining to the class room instruction however it can also be a barrier to teaching while well” (Bugeja, 2006). The brand new...

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