Apa Racism in America

 Apa Racism in America Composition

Racism Alive in the united states

LeCandis Donaldson

South University

Dr . Smith

Comp III

Racism has to be complex and hard to characterize nevertheless it is evident that it is surviving and still taking place. Racism was said to have ended in the first 1960's when equity for any was the statement. Are many of us equal within America? So what happened to " We the folks of the Usa States”? Even so even now this year racism is definitely alive and going solid. Most people state let's not really make that about race yet in America everyone is certainly not treated similarly. There are so many injustices in America for minorities from racial profiling, to the casing equality, possibly to the Chief executive now that we certainly have and Photography equipment America leader. Just since January with this year there have been several injustices around the world not simply with Africa Americans but to all hispanics. Minorities will be African American, Hispanics, Indians, and Arabs. Ethnic Profiling

Ethnic Profiling, even though it is against the law, is a form of discrimination in which a person's contest or ethnical background can be cause for those to be considered a think. Right now there is a case of injustice in Sanford Sarasota. On Feb . 26, 2012 a seventeen year old child by the name of Trayvon Martin was gun straight down because he was in a wealthy area and was in a very hoodie. His life was taken as they was " WWB” walking while dark-colored. He was racially profiled because the neighbor he was walking in was and upscale area. Martin was visiting his father in Sanford if he was taken to death by neighborhood watch offer George Zimmerman. The unarmed teen was returning by a local 7-Eleven carrying only Skittles and an iced tea at the time of the shooting. I actually can't believe in more than five decades we are nonetheless not treating everyone evenly. There are other forms of ethnicity profiling including " DWB” driving when black. Which means that African People in america are targeted and ceased by law observance more often for their race rather than for visitors...