Behavioral Analysis of Adolf Hitler

 Behavioral Evaluation of Adolf Hitler Article

п»їBehavioral Analysis of Adolf Hitler

Behaviorist perspective would not accept the concepts of inborn tendencies, defenses, inner qualities, motivations although would much rather target solely within the environment and how environmental cues influence ones behavior (book). tabula dulk? Furthermore, behaviorists focus exclusively on observable behaviors rather than internal functions of individual emotions, emotions, thoughts, etc . Foundations for any behavioral approach on individuality were put by Ivan Pavlov that changed the world as we know this by bringing out the idea of traditional conditioning. Pavlov's ideas were the beginning to get novel learning approaches.

Very well known psychologist and behaviorist that produced the idea of operant conditioning is usually Burrhus Frederic (B. N. ) Skinner. Skinner is known to be the founder in the radical behaviorism. Classical conditioning- mother

Father- male image violence, control

Operant health – university…

Other Learning Approaches to Personality:

Neal Callier & Dollard and Burns (1941)


Occurs resulting from blocking initiatives to attain an objective

Frustration- aggression hypothesis – aggression is the result of preventing, frustrating attainment of a target The result of punishment for exhibiting primary drives thus causing internal issues which leads to anxiety, neurosis. Internal clashes:

Approach-avoidance turmoil

The result of treatment, being attracted to and faraway from something Approach-approach conflict

Being drawn to two equally desirable choices

Avoidance-avoidance conflict

Staying repulsed simply by two evenly attractive alternatives