Business Economics - task

 Business Economics - task Essay



We. Business launch (0. a few page)

-В В В В В В В В В В В В Vietnam organization environment presently (economy recession, tendency of customer's ingestion in overall economy downturn scenario.. ) Straight down of economy global and domestic

Authorities target of 5, 5% GDP boost may not obtain for 2013 Current GDP: 5, 3%

We take DAY SPA in HCMC into consideration and analysis.

-В В В В В В В В В В В В В Introduce about DAY SPA in HCMC

Day spa industry in Vietnam is not directed development by self development: there are regarding 1000 gyms (large and small) in HCMC and 870 spas in Hanoi (source from Health Dept of HCMC and Hanoi). But professional Day spa: regarding 200 in HCM (some are: Sen spa, V-spa, Rosie hot tub, Lotus hot tub, Lavender day spa, Aqua-medi day spa, Q health spa, La'thipotique…), 130 in Hanoi. => to get considered only mention regarding Day Spa market in HCMC What is Day spa?

Business level: very minimal contribution to the national economy. Mainly for taxes purpose. -В В В В В В В В В В В В Problem declaration: key problems of health spa industry Since it is self creation industry, there are plenty of potential complications both in supervision and expansion. Quality regular: not clear

Competition: closer to excellent competition

Higher price elasticity: this point is very interesting for analyzing. To avoid spread analysis, we ought to focus on a few aspects of the industry II. Day Spa industry in HCMC analysis (4. 5 pages)

1 . В В В В В Overall market (0. five В page)

-            Day Spa industry in HCMC, development, data of income and profit…. Combine with the introduction.

Income of total industry is usually huge, although mainly are generally not reported due to the industry features. Day spa – not a must to issue VAT bill, so standard revenue is not measured for the real revenue. Income: high earnings

Risk: substantial

2 . В В В В В Supply and Demand (2 В pages)

-            Analyze supply (suppliers, quantity, size, nationality, characteristics, …) -            Assess demand (consumers, target market, …): demand = customer...