Chapter-Wise Summaries of The Outsiders

 Chapter-Wise Summaries of The Outsiders Essay

Part 1:

In the first phase of the publication you will be introduced to the main character from the book Ponyboy, who is an element of the East side gang that contained greasers. Greasers style was going to wore their hair long and set grease in it. That they try to dress tough, and are also considered as bad guys in their town. They often taken switchblades, mainly to help them stand their space against the Socs who would be the rival team. Soc is short for Socials, the Socs are considered to be good citizens and many of them were wealthy. Since Ponyboy is walking residence from a show he is dived by a car full of Soc's, and then pony boy cried for help. Suddenly Darrel, Ponyboys brothers appears with his other sibling and the rest of their bunch and chase away the Soc's. In this part you learn that Ponyboys father and mother had perished in a motor vehicle accident and this individual has been elevated by his brother Darrel, or Darry for short. Darry tries to keep Ponyboy from going into the crime that comes with being a greaser. Ponyboys other close friend Sodapop is actually happy and acts as the peacekeeper between Darrel and Pony when Darrel comes down to hard on Pony. In this chapter we get to see that hate between the two groups and it foreshadows the problems with the book.

Part 2:

In this Chapter Horse and his Pal's Johnny and Dally visit a drive in Movie. They will end up auto parking behind a couple of Soc ladies and Linger; dawdle try's approach the girl's and starts to make effective comments. Pony then began to talk to Cherry, who was among the girls in a vehicle. She inquires about what happened to Sodapop, who had discontinued his studies to act on a gas station to support their family. After this conversation Dally returned with coke and asked if perhaps cherry desired one. The lady said yes then quickly through it in Dally's face. Then he walked off, and moments later Two-bit who was one Pony's close friends said that Dally had slashed the tires of another greaser and he was likely to have to deal with him. In this chapter psychological data reports that there are Soc's that not necessarily like the folks who had assaulted pony. All of us also learned of the greaser code: often stick together and never get caught.

Chapter 3:

The movie wraps up and the kids offer to take the girls home but they have to go to Two-bits house to get his car. Cherry wood shares what she thinks separates both the gangs with Pony. She believes not merely money although how the two groups believe separates these people. The Soc's lack solid emotions, just the same as the greasers. Ponyboy is surprised how similar the two gangs really are; and realize that they will share some aspects with each other. As they are going for walks a green mustang passes by and halts beside them. Two Soc's get out of the automobile and the two sides practically started fighting but the girls broke up the conflict and agreed to go back home with the Soc's to stop Two-bit and Ponyboy from receiving hurt. When he gets house from the movie's Darry is sitting at home aggravated that Pony got stayed away so later and he hits him. Pony in that case runs in the house to a local greaser hangout place and find Johnny and tells him that they will be running aside. Johnny is definitely the son of alcoholic father and mother, so this individual didn't genuinely have a problem with running apart. Johnny thinks his accurate family would be the greasers because they look after him, in contrast to his father and mother. Reed 2

Chapter four:

The boys are walking around the park thinking whether or not it would be a good idea for them to try to escape when the same blue mustang appears. Inside their was 5 drunk Soc's, they presented the kids saying " that greasers are white colored trash using firm hair” and Pony responses with " Socs are not but white-colored trash with Mustangs and madras shirts” and then he spits for them. The Soc's in that case fight with the boys and in addition they try to drown Ponyboy after which he blanked out. If he woke up, this individual sees Johnny sitting next to him and then Bob's dead body close to them. The boys search for Dally as they believe he will be able to support him. Linger; dawdle gives the son's a packed gun along with 50 dollars as well as the...