Dental Assistant Job Description

 Dental assistant job description has quite a wide scope and involves a variety of tasks  A dental assistant performs many duties in the dentist’s office- which may include keeping records, scheduling appointments, ordering supplies and receiving payments from patients.  The job description for dental assistant also details interaction with patients.  When a patient visits the dental office it is part of the dental assistant job description to locate the medical record of the patient and to prepare the patient for their dental exam.

Dental assistant job description also includes working side by side with the dentist.  Assistants may be responsible for handing the dentist the proper tools and materials.  When a patient has their teeth cleaned or a cavity filled or any other service that requires the suction hose, the dental assistant job description includes this duty, as well.  The dental assistants may also operate the x-ray machine and take impressions of a patient’s teeth or mouth.  Part of their job description may be to sterilize instruments, mix compounds for filling or cleaning teeth and to develop x-rays.

Individuals who trained to become a dental assistant will have a number of places that they can work which include private offices, dental schools, hospitals, clinics, and public health departments.

Education And Training Requirements

Dental assistants are a career that the individual can receive their training on the job.  Courses that will be helpful to the dental assistant will be courses in health, chemistry, and biology.

Dental assisting programs through technical institutes, vocational schools, and colleges are also an option for training.  There are 265  assisting training programs that are accredited with the American Dental Association.  The typical length of time of the course is one to two years.  Once the dental program is complete the student can become a registered or licensed dental assistant provided they meet state requirements.

Dental Surgery Assistant Job Description

A dental surgery assistant specializes in helping with surgeries of the mouth’s tissues and teeth.  Oral surgeons’ procedures can include a number of surgeries which include replace missing teeth,  restoring the gum or dental implants, jaw surgery, tooth extractions and so on.

The job surgery dental assistant job description is to prepare the area where the surgery will be performed and prep the patients for operations.  Duties include taking vital signs and to assist with intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.  Addition surgery dental assistant job description include to prepare surgical dressings and to assist the surgeon by retracting the patient’s lip or cheek and to perform suctioning.  They also are responsible for monitoring intravenous fluids and vital signs during a surgery, sterilizing instruments and to assist the oral surgeon.  Some dental surgery assistants may find that they prepare patient consent forms, write in patients’ treatment charts, maintain inventories, prepare prescriptions, develop dental radiographs.

Dental Office Job Assistant Description

The dental office assistant job description is an assistant that can vary from being strictly receptionist type duties and gathering patient charts to working side by side with the dentist.  It is typically a behind the desk job and one that includes scheduling appointments and taking payments as well as bookkeeping.

Dental Assistant Job Description For Resume

For those that are interested in working in the field as a dental assistant their resume should be extremely well written.  Dental assistant job description on the resume should include specific details such as what the candidate is capable of performing, such as:

  • Build excellent relations with patients and be a nurturing spirit towards them as dental procedures are painful
  • Coordinate with the other staff of the practice
  • Keep a record of the inventory and order supplies when falling short of it
  • Make future appointments for the patient
  • Take x-rays of the teeth
  • Remove records of the patients for the dentist to read up
  • Prepare the patients before the check up
  • Educate the patients on proper dental care
  • Maintain dental records on each patient and arrange them in a proper filing system
  • Make appointments for patients
  • Receptionist duties
  • Sterilize dental equipment before and after every procedure to maintain hygiene
  • Assist the dentist in all the dental procedures


  • High School Diploma
  • Eagerness to learn on the job
  • Good communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Training, if applicable

The dental assistant job description features a job that features many different areas of the office.  For those that enjoy working with others and long term relations it is a wonderful career, especially for the caring, compassionate heart.  It is a career that anyone who has completed high school can enter, which leaves it open to many individuals.  The career is a career that many individuals enter to later train up into another position within the office.

The dental assistant salary varies from state to state, but, the median expected salary for a typical dental assistant in the US is right around $33K.  Alternative titles for the dental assistant are dental assistant and dentist assistant.

Dental assistant job description features many different hats and individuals that enjoy a variety in the office place will definitely love being a dental assistant.  Dental assistant job description may vary from employer to employer and it is best that when you seek employment that you ask for the specific dental assistant job description duties that the employer expects you to perform.  Not only do you need to be aware of what is expected of you, you may have some negotiating power if the duties are quite detailed.

In conclusion, dental assistant job description is a job that offers an array of excitement and different duties throughout the office, next to the dentist and with patients.  It is a job that anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent can qualify for.  The salary is quite high in comparison with other career.  Hours are typically 9 am to 5 pm, sometimes with a longer than average lunch.  The career is definitely something that is there for those that enjoy caring and nurturing, have good organizational skills, and like a variety of duties, and do not have a great deal of education.

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