Dental Assistant Resume

One of the most important thing if you are looking to excel in dental assistant profession is to have a top class dental assistant resume. A dental assistant is a career that requires specific knowledge.  While often there is no more than a high school diploma to apply, there are certain areas that you will have to have knowledge in order to apply for the position.  It is the one career that many dentists will hire an employee and train them on the job.

Dental assistants are a professional career that receives a lot of respect.  The career involved many specific duties that range from prepping patients, to gathering files and filing, to recording on  patient records, to helping the dentist by handing him instruments and tools, receptionist duties and so on.  A dental assistant performs a variety of tasks and it is a career that is enjoyable for many individuals.

For those that have completed training or are in search of a new dental office to work for, their dental assistant resume is of utmost importance and is something that will require a great deal of research and thought.

A dental assistant resume is important and will be the first impression that a dentist receives from a candidate.

How To Write A Dental Assistant Resume

When you begin to write your dental assistant resume you will want to put some time into it.  You need to consider what you have accomplished so far and record it so that it is interesting and attractive to the employer or hiring agent.

The first thing to do is to research the dental offices that you might like to work.  You also want to get in touch with dental assistant and even offices and ask them point blank, what qualities make a good dental assistant and what do not.  You can do this via telephone or email and it will be very helpful on your resume as you can emphasize on the qualities that attract and are compatible in a dental office.

Put together your information.  Know your education program names, courses that you took in high school that will be helpful on the job, pertinent dates, job titles and so on.  You want to be sure that you are very specific and that the information is right.

When you begin to create your dental assistant resume, you will want to expand on your experience.  Don’t just list the places that you have worked or training you have received, elaborate on it a bit.  Make bullet points that highlight or showcase specific details that add to your training and qualities.  Include everything that will help to present you in the best light on your dental assistant resume.

Show the employer that you are the candidate that they want.  If you have researched the dental office then you will know what they seek.  This will be a great benefit to you.  Highlight your qualities and make your dental assistant resume look as attractive as possible.

Dental Assistant Sample Resume

A dental assistant sample resume may look something as follows:

Contact Information:

  1.  Full name
  2.  Permanent address
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address

Education:  Here you will want to list your highest degree first.  Include the:

  • Name of the institution in which you received training, the city and state.
  • Degree, major and year awarded
  • GPA

Experience:  List the most recent experience first.

Activities:  Memberships in professional organizations and campus and community activities.

Personal:  Citizenship, special awards, patents, security clearances, certifications, etc.

When making your dental assistant resume, you will want to consider making some of the following points:

  • Any work in surgery, clerical duties, and administrative duties
  • Sterilizing equipment, prepping surgical area, prepping patient,
  • Helping patients to feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Locating and filing patient records
  • Dentist assistance during dental procedures
  • Receptionist duties
  • Sending out appointment reminders to patients

If you access online, you will find many sample dental assistant resume choices to choose from.  This can help you to create a well-rounded resume that is sure to be effective.

Certified Dental Assistant Resume

A certified dental assistant resume is a very attractive resume that highlights your career profile, your professional strengths, your professional experience, your educational training and personal details, as well as references.

You definitely want to highlight your dental assistant job description for resume so that it is attractive and that it intrigues the employer or hiring agent.

When you create a well-constructed dental assistant resume that is well researched and well thought out, you will have a much greater opportunity at securing the position.  Your dental assistant resume is not something that should be done quickly; it is something that will take time and something which will require research.  If you do have trouble with your resume then definitely get online and research the various sites that have sample resumes.  Many of these resumes are free, and they will lead you to a number of ideas.

Another option you have for your dental assistant resume is a professional resume service.  If you do choose this option, you definitely should seek a service that specializes in dental resumes.  The services typically charge anywhere from right around $50 into the hundreds, depending on the extent and quality of the resume.

In conclusion, dental assistant resume is a very important factor if you are aiming to excel in this profession. Being  dental assistant is an exciting career.  Dental assistants perform a number of duties and  the job is a rewarding job, especially for those that enjoy caring for people.  It is a career that is in demand and one that offers an annual salary right around $37K.  Those entering the profession and those that are changing from one job to another will have a great many choices in employment.  Your dental assistant resume will be something that needs to be constructed with a great deal of detail, accuracy and created in a manner that is attractive and interesting.  Your resume will be the first impression the employer or hiring agent has, and you definitely want your resume to make a statement about you and one that keeps the readers interest from the very first lines.

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