What Is A Dental Assistant School?

Dental assistant school is now very common across the U.S. with over three hundred courses available; these include the traditional dental assistant school as well as the online school for dental assistant and weekend dental assistant school format of teaching.

A dental assistant school offers accredited courses in being a dental assistant which are called certified or accredited dental assistant programs. These courses are only for those who have not had two years experience working as a dental assistant trainee. In order to offer a dental assistant program, the dental assistant school must be accredited by the Association of Dentists in America (ADA). In order to become an accredited dental assistant, irrespective of your previous work experience, it is necessary to pass an exam set by the Dental Assisting National Board Certificate Dental Assistant and the Accredited Dental Assisting program.

A weekend dental assistant school offers the flexibility to study the course at weekends only meaning that you can fund your dental assistant school cost through taking on a full time job. It is also a great option to study for the exam should you have nearly two years of experience as a dental assistant in a dental practice. An online school for dental assistant also offers you flexibility in your studies.

How To Find A Suitable Dental Assistant School

There are two key steps to finding a suitable dental assistant program:


With some three hundred course to chose from and many options providing a great deal of flexibility, it is important to undertake thorough research to ensure that your choice is tailored to your specific needs. The Association of Dentists in America (ADA) has some excellent resources on their website to help you find dental assistant programs in America. The dental assistant school cost across America varies massively and it is therefore important to ensure that you have the budget to cover all the costs.


Contact the organizations to find out what they can offer you; the choice of a dental assisting program is very important as it will be the basis for your future career. You can enroll directly with the dental assistant school and you should discuss all your options with them.

Whilst it is possible to enter work as a dental assistant through undertaking two years of apprenticeship, this can be complimented by a placement at a weekend dental assistant school as there are benefits to attending a dental assistant school. There are many rewards and benefits in attending a program and passing the exam.

What Are The Benefits Of Attending A Dental Assistant School?

The role of dental assistant can be very complex as dental assistant undertakes many different and complicated tasks on a daily basis.
Dental assistants provide a management function to the dentist or dental operator. A dental assistant will also provide support to the dentist during procedures and may apply treatments, such as fluoride to patients. Dental assistants ensure that the premises are clean and hygienic at all times and are responsible for the legal regulations in Health and Safety. There is work available in laboratories for dental assistants as well. A dental assisting program helps to support learning these complex skill sets.

Being a dental assistant can be highly rewarding, interesting and challenging. It is an extremely diverse role with a huge range of complex and motivating tasks. Being a dental assistant can also be very lucrative if you work hard and the environment is right. Good dental assistants can earn anything up to $50k with the average salary being around $25k to $30k. Being a dental assistant can also provide a high level of security with many options for your next career step. Being a dental assistant can also come with a number of benefits such as a high rate of paid holiday and medical care provision.

Attending a dental assistant school can provide you with the teaching and support to enable you to become a career high flyer as a dental assistant. Being a dental assistant can be a lot of hard work and a dental assistant school can equip you with the best tools to undertake that work. As an accredited dental assistant you will also open other doors on your career.
Remember that some dental assistant schools can be very expensive; whilst others provide a cost effective and efficient means of becoming a dental school assistant. Online schools can provide a cheaper option; though it is often that students are more immersed attending classes with their tutors and peers at a dental assistant school on campus.

What Next After Finishing Dental Assistant School?

Having studied at a dental assistant school, there are opportunities to work as an accredited dental assistant in a dental practice and to put in place the skills that you have learnt. Job prospects for accredited dental assistants are excellent and this boom is on the increase with an anticipated growth of nearly 40% over the next five years. However, this boom and positive prognosis for the dental assistant career has meant that more and more people are training to become dental assistants and the competition is high.

Further training is also available for those who have chosen a career of being a dental assistant; this will keep you ahead of the game and within the top 10% of dental assistants who earn $45k per year. There is a real potential for dental school assistants to shape the way in which their dental practice is run and to provide real hands on support the dental practice and the dentist or dental operator. This is the way to be in the top 10% of dental assistants.

Dental assistant school can help you become the top 10% of dental assistant profession. It may be that being a dental assistant is a stepping stone to other careers in the dentistry and oral care field, such as oral hygienists. The high skill and qualification level to become an oral hygienist in America sees some top oral hygienists earning in around $100’000 per year.

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