All You Need To Know About Dental Assistant Training

The following information provides you with a succinct guide to dental assistant training. It outlines the types of dental assistant education and training as well as showing you how to enroll on these programs. Finally, the information provided below lets you know of the benefits of working as a dental assistant, of which there are many.

A dental assistant works on a dental team, including hygienist, therapist and dentist, providing a huge range of supportive functions to the Dental Practice and its team. A dental assistant assists in the welfare of the patients ensuring that they are calm for their procedure; dental assistant will also prepare the patient for their dental appointment. A dental assistant has a management role within the dental practice and ensures that health and safety requirements are met within the surgery.

The role of dental assistant is very much governed by the employer and the employee in terms of the tasks undertaken and the levels of responsibilities assumed. For many the level of responsibility given to a member of staff is often related to their level of experience. Dental assistant training is now an affordable and convenient way in which to assume greater levels of responsibility as well as more job satisfaction and potential earnings. Dental assistant training is also a good start to many other career opportunities.

You can learn a lot of skills from working in a dental practice and this is a key route in for many dental assistants. In order to become accredited as a dental assistant, although it is completely legal to practice as a dental assistant without any formal accreditation or qualifications, it is necessary to have worked in a dental position for at least two years. Formal training for dental assistant is another option available to gain accreditation and can be completed in four months.

Where Can I Find Dental Assistant Training?

Dental Assistant Training ProgramDental assistant training is available from many sources including from dental assistant training programs offered by campus universities to dental assistant on the job training. It is also now possible to take training for dental assistant as a distance learning course which can provide flexibility in your dental assistant education and training.

Whilst it is not imperative in most of the U.S. to have undertaken training for dental assistant to work as a dental assistant in a dental practice, this is now a legal requirement in three states. With higher levels of regulation happening all over the U.S, it may be that other states will follow. Furthermore, an accredited qualification from a recognized organization can be helpful should you wish to progress your management role further and have responsibility for other members of staff in the practice.

Dental assistant training may take between two years and four months depending on where you are in your dental assistant career. For those dental assistants who have been working in a practice for two years or more, it is possible to graduate as an accredited dental assistant without undertaking a more expanded program, the dental assistant program. However, if you have not got a background in dental practices, you will need to take the full program to become an accredited dental assistant.

As stated, there is a huge range of choice for those students wanting to be dental assistants and there are also opportunities both online and on a campus for ongoing dental assistant training for those who see their career being a dental assistant as well as being an academic endeavor.

As a dental assistant, you should continue to undertake dental assistant training to ensure that you are up to date with new processes as well as continuing your academic learning. There are a number of good quality dental assistant training programs available which will be able to provide you with invaluable skills in the dental assistant world.

Dental assistant training consists of an accredited dental assisting program and an examination overseen by the Association of Dentists in America (ADA) and the Association of Dental Assistants in America (ADAA). These are the main recognized bodies in dentistry and therefore a national standard. The ADA and the ADAA follow a very stringent accreditation process and only award it to those who demonstrate their ability to teach their students what is necessary to work as a successful dental assistant.

What Are The Benefits Of Continuing With Dental Assistant Training?

There are many ways in which you can work as a dental assistant, but for many, their goal is to be the best dental assistant and to enjoy their job. Whilst those working without accreditation may be given opportunities to expand their role, there will be more trust in those staff that have successfully passed an accredited program.

The role of dental assistant can have a lot of perks. A large number of dental assistants are earning around $30k. This of course varies, depending on where you are in America and how much experience and how many formal qualifications you have in your field. The dental assistant arena is becoming more competitive and those who want to stay at the forefront need to consider formal qualifications which can be provided by completing dental assistant training course. There are some dentists who prefer hands on experience and if possible it is helpful to work in a dental practice whilst at college or undertaking a distance learning course.

The dental assistant training program can be a stepping stone to other challenges and does not preclude a career in other areas of work. It may be that your role as a dental assistant furthers your interest in other fields in dentistry such as a dental hygienist of dental therapist. For some students, the dental assistant training may open up other avenues in the medical field such as sales or marketing.
These are wide range of options available to those who have successfully completed a dental assistant training course. The role of dental assistant can be a secure one as long as you are dedicated to the role and with the field of dentistry expanding every year it looks as though it will stay that way for a while.

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