Dental Hygienist Salary

Have you ever wonder how much is dental hygienist salary? Registered dental hygienists are a licensed dental professional that specializes in the care and prevention of oral health. Dental hygienist work under doctors and perform many duties such as prophylaxis, also known as cleaning teeth, administration of fluoride and providing instruction to patients on how to properly care for their gums and teeth, dental sealants, scaling and root planning for patients with periodontal disease, taking of prescribed radiographs. The career is a respected career and dental hygienist salary is a salary that can be quite good.

Dental Hygienist Starting Salary

The dental hygienist can expect their starting salary to be much lower than dental hygienists salary of those who have worked for years in the profession. A starting salary for a dental hygienist that just entering the field can expect to be offered an annual salary of around $32,000.

Most states require that dental hygienists to be licensed. Students interested in a career as a dental hygienist will need to study and graduated from an accredited dental hygienist program and then be required to take and pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam.

Registered dental hygienist salary will increase as the hygienist advances in their career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the 90th percentile starting salary is $91,470 and the 10th percentile salary is $44,180 annually.

A dental hygienist can earn a very lucrative salary and something that interests many individuals. The average salary for dental hygienist is quite a sizable annual income in comparison to many careers.

Median Salary For A Dental Hygienist

The median salary of a dental hygienist according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $30.19 per hour. The Bureau also records the lowest paid hygienists receive $19.45 or less an hour. The amount which a new hygienist is paid is based on many different factors, their education, work environment, and geographic location.

Dental Hygienist Salary Factors

Location of the job: The state and location of the job will play a factor when it comes to the salary base. As a general rule of thumb the closer to the city, the higher the salary. For instance, in New York, the salary is much higher at $74,000. Other high paying cities include Philadelphia, Pennsylvania paid dental hygienist salary of $54,000, Houston, Texas with salary averaging $58,000, Chicago, Illinois with salaries averaging $62,000, San Antonio, Texas at $48,000, Dallas, Texas at $58,000 and San Diego, California at $56,000.

Educational attainment and years of dental hygiene experience are also factors that will influence the dental hygienist salary. New entries into the career may find it difficult to secure job placement and an above average salary. The demand for hygienists is high; however, employers still seek applicants that have outstanding educational records, lots of clinical experience, extensive training and excellent hand dexterity skills. The higher salaries, such as those that reach into $90K annual are typically awarded to those with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

How To Become A Dental Hygienist

Should you choose that you would like to become a dental hygienist you definitely want to research the various accredited programs.

Individuals should possess both excellent people and communication skills and dexterity with their hands in order to be able to handle the different tools efficiently.

For an individual to be accepted into a dental hygienist program they must hold a high school degree or equivalent and must submit entrance college exams to the institution. The Commission on Dental Accreditation sponsors 301 dental hygienist programs. Some of the programs offer as far as a master’s degree, which is definitely the type of institution that you would like for the higher dental hygienist salary.

The student must strive towards good grades, and it is not always easy as there are many different subjects that must be conquered which include:

  • Anatomy
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Radiography
  • Periodontology
  • Chemistry
  • Pathology
  • Histology
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology

Students that find that they receive high grades will have a better shot at a higher than average dental hygienist salary.

There are few states that do not require dental hygienists to be licensed. To be eligible to take the exam, the applicant must have graduated from their dental hygienist program and must pass a written examination administered by the American Dental Association’s Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations and clinical examination administered by state or regional testing agencies.

Plan Of Action To Acquire Higher Dental Hygienist Salary

For individuals that are interested in a career as a dental hygienist they should have a strategic plan to ensure that they have the opportunity for the maximum dental hygienist salary upon graduation. A dental hygienist education is not something that is a cake walk, it is very intense and one must think of it as intense. It will require a fair degree of time and you will need to decide if you want to settle on a certificate, a bachelor’s degree, or go for the ultimate power with a master’s degree.

If you seek a higher dental hygienist salary, you definitely will not want to settle on a certificate, as with the certificate you will likely find that the average starting salary of a dental hygienist is much lower than if you have your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Again, location will play a role in your dental hygienist salary, and this may be something else that you might want to consider-you might choose to study in one city and upon graduation move to a city that offers a much higher salary. Whatever your path, a dental hygienist career is a career that is a professional career and one that is quite respected. The career does not come without years of studying and hard work, but, the benefits are many. Registered dental hygienist work in a field that they enjoy, the people are new and old friends, respect is high, and they earn a salary that can reach as high as $90K or more annually. It is a career that anyone with the interest and skill could definitely benefit from.