Dental Laboratory Technician Salary

Dental lab technician salary may vary. How much is dental laboratory technician salary these days? Before you consider and decide to be in the profession, you should first take a closer look at how much income you can make. It is not bad to make sure you will be financially compensated and rewarded for the service you will render.

According to latest data from the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, annual dental laboratory technician salary is $37,690 on the average. That is equivalent to a wage amounting to $18.12 per hour. Dental laboratory technicians working in education facilities receive $44,270 annual average payment while those working in federal facilities make higher at about $53,090.

Dental Laboratory Technician Salary Information

Dental laboratory technician salary is also vary depending on geographical location, industry of employment, and experience. Such professionals receive different salary rates depending on their location. Dental laboratory technician salary in District of Columbia is highest at about $30.21 per hour (median). The rate in Delaware is just about $16.94 in comparison, which is considered as among the lowest in the US. In most of the states in the country, hourly wage for dental laboratory technicians is around $15.000.

Dental laboratory technicians usually work in various settings. Those include huge laboratories, hospitals, dental offices, manufacturing plants, educational facilities, and sales. Some of the professionals even opt to put up and operate their own laboratories. In general, those that eventually become laboratory managers or educators generate more and higher income than others.

Those that end up as sales representatives often hold other additional positions like research, sales, and marketing specifically of dental supplies. Dental laboratory technician salary in manufacturing businesses is also commonly higher compared to the rates in other employment sectors. Moreover, operating his own laboratory can make a dental laboratory technician earn more in revenues.

Factors That Affect Dental Laboratory Technician Salary

There are several other important and significant factors that may influence and affect dental laboratory technician salary. Wage rate may depend on the kind of education or training a technician has gained. Graduates from dental technician schools are more likely to receive higher salary packages. In many cases, the number of years of experience can also help increase compensation.

How skilled the professional is, as always, pose huge impact on the salary rate of any dental laboratory technician. Employers and laboratory owners logically need dental technicians who can provide higher quality of work at much faster speed. This is among the justifications why it usually takes several years for dental technicians to attain the salary that they find and perceive to be agreeable. One has to push his self to learn more as well as to do tasks faster (without losing accuracy).

Of course, dental laboratory technician salary may also depend on the overall attitude. Employers commonly dislike hiring a professional who lacks ideal behavior. No one likes dramas and personal issues affecting daily operations. It is a common knowledge that how a professional behaves may affect his work level and performance as well as those of his co-workers. A dental laboratory technician who can be in good terms with co-workers and clients is always desired, admired, and preferred.

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