Dental Technician Jobs

Dental technician jobs are among the most promising these days. As of 2010, there were only about 40,000 dental technicians working in the US. Because demand for dental services keeps on rising, it is just logical that the need for more of such professionals will increase in the coming years. This is why the overall outlook for the job remains attractive.

What make dental technician jobs attractive are the great salary, the nice working environment, and the career advancement prospects. The annual salary average is lucrative at $38,000. The pay package can further increase depending on length of experience, education, location, and expertise. It is possible for a dental technician who is working for more than 10 years to earn up to $60,000 annually.

Basic Description Of Dental Technician Jobs

Dental technician jobs require manufacturing and production of dentures and other dental prosthetics. Such items are logically customized for specific patients. To be able to do his tasks accurately, a dental technician has to closely work with dentists and even with other technicians. Impressions and molds of a patient are sent from the dental office to the laboratory where the dental technician will mix, then mold, and wait until the prosthetics dry.

The prosthetics will be sent to the dentist, who will facilitate fitting for the patient. Dental technician jobs have other tasks, which include molding, carving, and sculpting of the teeth and gums that will replace one or several teeth. The technician is not tasked to work directly with a patient. To be expected, the job will entirely be conducted within a laboratory. Sometimes, the professional is asked to take x-rays or to make teeth impressions.

Educational Requirements Of Dental Technician Jobs

Dental technician jobs are unique in the dental field because individuals with no formal education required can be considered. Many dental laboratories actually hire non-dental technicians and just train them on the job. However, it may take some time before such individuals are given the necessary accreditation, recognition, salary upgrade, and career advancement opportunities.

Many dental laboratories these days prefer formally trained dental technicians. That is why you may notice that most ad posts for dental technician jobs require at least a relevant degree and experience working in the dental laboratory environment.

Students who intend to eventually assume dental technician jobs can have several education path choices. There are certificate and of course degree programs from various vocational and technical schools across the country. It will take about 9 months to 24 months (2 years) to complete a program. Prescribed courses are designed to teach students about the necessary processes they should know to build successful careers.

Dental technician jobs have one of the most organized work places. The laboratory environment is typically clean, quiet, and orderly. Different types of protective and safety gears are provided. Such professionals are mandated to follow safety rules and guidelines especially when creating prosthetics. Every dental technician is required to be very attentive and careful especially when ensuring accuracy of measurements.

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