kill me now because of not knowing what i wish to write

 Essay in kill me now for not knowing what i have to write

I add t understand yet alright bye


pls help me i just want to determine this one daily news

so i can compose mine

exclusively for a inclination u kno

u experience me

are these claims too short

also god pls help me out

ok my spouse and i mma only tell u guys a story k

my spouse and i m a 11th grader and i head to this shitty school

it starts for 7a. meters IN THE MORNING JUST LIKE GODDDD WHAT DO U BELIEVE I I AM?? alarm clock??? anddd it ends for 3: 31, but if u have just like non academics activity after that, well remorseful mate, u prolly gonna go home at 6 or perhaps something anyway, i think this s super normal pertaining to u folks out there that live in usa or uk or australia or where ever nice.. nevertheless well.. we live in Jakarta which is london of my personal beloved country (not) Philippines, and if u dont know what is Dalam negri, then well, i wear t find out.. get some geography class or perhaps something? yet sriously tho.. it h kinda big, like correct above sydney ok in any case, what i meters saying is that, maybe, only maybe, we never existed where u live either, but maybe, in the event that u live in that good ol country with good ol traffic, it s carry ok to visit home from practice at 6 or afterwards.. but in my case, i live in this shitty city where that l i te r a t l y takes about 2 hrs or maybe more for me to go back home from school, and i tell u, i notify u, that my house is totally certainly not that significantly. like if that s not really bc with the traffic, this s basically only a 30 minutes trip, greatest extent. but yeah id declare, if i go back home later than 3: 30pm, then i m doomed. i m doomed. i prolly gonna produce it house at a few: 30 and i m gonna thank god for it. we ever made this home by 8pm and i also just practically wanted to weep and so i h my drivers. i never know how persons wants to w a new driver here. this s a difficult work i actually tell en este momento. money is everything then again..

anyways, enough together with the traffic imma tell u about my personal school program here.. my spouse and i went to this kind of private university in ma city and it h not as lux as u guys received over generally there we need to wear homogeneous, but it also happens to people that would go to a open public school and so basically in the event ur a student here then u got to wear a uniform, and enable me inform u, this...