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Develop Team and Individuals Examination #1

Making a Training Requirements Analysis Policy for a Place of work Team

Group Purpose and Goals:

To boost customer companies skills making the everyday running of Dominos French fries more financially successful, to ensure that us to perform we must to begin with what is highly valued in terms of customer care.

•Form - the product looks attractive to both prospective and repeat customers. •Time - the product is available when the customer wants that. •Possession -- the product is simple to purchase and customers possess ease of brain knowing that if they happen to be unhappy staff will be happy to resolve the situation (Woods, T. A, Zemke, A, 1999)

In looking at these kinds of values the following goals have been completely established:

•Make a 4-5 star lasagna in less than 30 seconds and have the pizza out of the the oven in less than 8 minutes. •Demonstrate sound product knowledge and competent usage of the Dominos Order System to be able to deliver professional customer satisfaction. •Answer almost all phone questions in fewer than two bands using the Dominos phone greeting as standard answering protocol. •Offering to up sell off the $4. 95 Softdrink and Garlic clove Bread aspect order collectively order put.

Job Games and Functions:

The Training Needs Analysis and Training Prepare is being centered around Dominos Customer Service Representatives (In stores)

Dominos goals are outlined as

•Be number one in Pizza

•Be Number one in People

•Sell even more pizza, convey more fun. (Dominos Pizza Website)

In a nutshell Domino's wants to enhance their profit by improving their customer service as a whole.

The role and minimum skill requirements of any Dominos Customer support Representative are listed below:

•In person and over the phone customer service, being the facial skin and the words of the store. •Managing and tracking buyer orders in the original order through to delivery of the product •Pizza making, including mixing up of the dough, preparation of the ingredients, cooking and cutting of...

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