Yellow-colored Wallpaper

 Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper

In Charlotte now Perkins Gilman's, " The Yellow Wallpapers, " the main character, Anne encounters a mental health issues that would take control of her whole life. The progress of Jane's mental health issues is proven through the environment and how her surroundings depict her state of mind. The house Jane lives in can be described as physical rendering of her mental state. As the story moves along Jane provides completely become isolated by her as well as the rest of society. Jane is a hostage in her own home.

Through the 1920s, most of the houses persons lived in were gigantic, gorgeous and large. The property Jane lived in was a colonial mansion that had you will of a haunted house. The property was in fact so huge that it provided the impression of living inside a mental hospital. When the family relocated the house John, Jane's husband, placed her in a space in the attic. This place was a ruminant of a nursery for a little boy. By Steve putting Jane inside that room this showed how he really thought of her, as a very little child. John saw Her as a little girl and cared for her as a result by, dialling her children's name just like: " blessed little goose", and " little girl". Immediately after Her went into the nursery area, she observed how awful it was. The windows had bars which will made it extremely hard for her to flee. Not only are there bars for the windows but the floors experienced splinters

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throughout. According to Her, " the floors were scratched and gouged and splintered, the plaster itself is dug out here and there. " Certainly the room a new lot wrong with. Along with that, the sole piece of furniture within the room was a pickup bed that was nailed to the ground therefore it could not become moved. The area was associated with a room inside the human asylum. Along with the awful physical conditions came the smell. After having a rainy period there was a smell that entered the property and the stench filled every room. The smell seemed to follow Her wherever she went. Anne found himself intrigued...