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A Sustainability Prepare can take various forms. With regards to the size, type and potential of your business, your Sustainability Plan could be a two-page document that focuses on a long lasting vision and broad goals, or a one hundred-page file that describes specific focuses on, quantitative indicators and an in depth timeline. What is important that the organization takes the first step to holistically handling the influences – both equally positive and negative – that your business has on the surroundings, community and economy. STEP ONE – PRODUCE A VISION The critical first step to sustainability planning is to envision what your corporation could be like in ten, twenty or 50 years. How would it enhance the community? Just how would it help the local economic climate? How could this be a great environmental steward? Creating a vision of your best organization may help guide you in your path to a sustainable foreseeable future. STEP TWO – EVALUATE CURRENT IMPACT After getting envisioned the continuing future of your organization, you must then figure out how your current functions match up with your vision. Assessing the level and significance of your current influences will allow you to effectively focus your time and efforts. STEP THREE – SET GOALS & TARGETS Utilizing your vision and current impacts as a guide, determine what longterm goals you may have for your corporation. Then make use of these desired goals to determine what interim-targets you need to set to mail you towards your target. STEP FOUR – PLAN & ACT Now that you have your goals and targets, really time to know what specific actions will get you there. Break this down to certain activities, procedures or guidelines and then make sure someone is responsible for each item. Over time these types of small methods will help your company achieve the long-term eye-sight.

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Sustainability Plan (SAMPLE) FY 2007-2008

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At __________ we believe that the sustainable organization is dependent in economic vitality, social fairness and a wholesome natural environment. Do not see these types of goals since mutually exclusive, nevertheless inextricably associated. As business leaders our company is committed to develop sustainable organization practices that meet the needs of the current without diminishing the well being of foreseeable future generations. We pledge to produce strategies that enable all of us to move toward sustainability when enhancing the worthiness offered to our customers.

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Actions and Impacts

Activities Effects (Negative and Positive) Usage of non-renewable fuels; climate alter; Diminish quality of air; Use or perhaps non-renewable assets; Supporting Environmentally Preferable item markets; Ingestion of non-renewable fuels; climate alter; Diminish quality of air; Diminished public health; Expansion of recent renewable electrical power sources in OR; Minimize air quality; Local climate change; Assisting mass transit and environmentally friendly transport systems Consumption of aquifer reserves (summer); Contribution to combined sewer overflow; Consumption of natural methods; Use and release of toxic substances; Consumption of fossil fuels; Local climate change; Consumption of landfill space; Consumption of fossil fuels; Conservation of natural resources; Reduced make use of and release of harmful substances; Decreased contribution to climate change; Conservation of landfill space; Significance* (S) (C) Total 3 some 12

Purchasing Office materials Professional assistance contracts Consumer electronics Energy Use Electricity and Natural Gas employ Green electricity use Travel around (vehicle and air) Daily meetings Conventions and training courses Water Use Bathroom & Kitchen Squander Generation Workplace activities Occasions Publications & Reports Recycling where possible Office daily news & supplies







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