Ece Observation

 Essay upon Ece Declaration


The child I selected to observe was obviously a 6 year old boy which i will consider as Timmy. Timmy is definitely an intelligent, energetic little boy who reportedly struggles with behavior. Timmy lives with his parents. He features two 14 year old half sisters one among each belonging to his mom and dad prior to all of them meeting and achieving married. The sisters live in the home with Timmy part time. I discovered Timmy in the afternoon daycare classroom by 10: 55am-11: 55am. The classroom was spacious with large house windows along one of the walls more than looking the playground. The rest of the surfaces displayed art work created by the children. The bedroom had precise centers for instance a Writing center with pencils, colored paper and pumpkin shaped newspaper punchers. A Library with two small couches, a family house plant and an assortment of catalogs. A Physical center with orange water, small real pumpkins and circle formed measuring items. A Block center with cars, an extended wooden bring, safety glasses and large stone blocks. The classroom also had Dramatic play, Art, Group and Science centers.


I started out my declaration of Timmy when he returned to day care after participating in Kindergarten in a close by public school. It had been a half day at school therefore Timmy and his other classmates arrived at 10: 45am. Timmy came into his classroom by 10: 55am. He immediately noticed his teacher. This individual ran over and greeted her with a big hug, his teacher was very open and made welcome Timmy to class. The girl then asked him how his trip to school was before the lady was bombarded by many various other hellos and Timmy wandered away. Timmy then headed over to observe what the children were associated with over at the table. This individual stood at the table asking one of the kids a " 5 year old boy” what he was producing. The little young man appeared to be come about in creating something with paper, glue, markers and white crayons. The son answered Timmy by declaring " I'm making a spider. ” Timmy responded to the boy " My spouse and i wanna help to make one. ” Timmy in that case ran to his...