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Modern-day picture with the flood that struck the North Sea coast of Germany andDenmark in October 1634.

People seeking refuge from flood in Java. ca. 1865–1876.

Flooding of the creek because of heavymonsoonal rain and high wave in Darwin, Upper Territory,  Australia.

Jeddah Flood, masking King Abdullah Street in Saudi Arabia.

Surging near Key Western,  Florida,  United States from Hurricane Wilma's storm surgein August 2005.

Flooding in a road of Natal, Rio de janeiro Grande do Norte, Brazil in April 2013.

Adobe flash flooding caused simply by heavy rainwater falling within a short amount of time.

Dozens of villages were inundated the moment rain forced the estuaries and rivers of northwesternBangladesh over their banking companies in early August 2005. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) onNASA's Terra satellite captured the best image of the flooded Ghaghat and Atrai Rivers on October doze, 2005. The deep blue of the streams is pass on across the countryside in the flood image. A flood is an flood of normal water that submerges land which can be normally dry.[1] The European Union (EU) Floods Directive defines a overflow as a masking by water of land not normally covered by normal water.[2] In the impression of " flowing water", the word can also be applied to the inflow of the tide. Surging may arise as an overflow of water from water bodies, such as a river or lake, in which the normal water overtops or perhaps breakslevees, leading to some of that water escaping its common boundaries,[3] or it could occur as a result of an accumulation of rainwater in saturated floor in an areal flood. While the size of a lake or other body of normal water will vary with seasonal changes in precipitation and snow melt, these types of changes in size are less likely to be considered significant until they flood property or drown domestic animals. Floods can also occur in rivers when the circulation rate...