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 Ellen Engender Essay

Dr . Seymour

English 112 E

Drive 19, 2012

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Ellen Engender by Kaye Gibbons can be described as book about growing up. However it is different than the typical growing up story because the main character Ellen has to " grow up” at this kind of a young age group. Many kids in today's society have to deal with the same hardships as Ellen because households are beginning to fall apart more. Another key theme and struggle that Ellen has to deal with in this book is a issue of racism. Ellen is light and her best friend, Starletta, is Dark-colored and this lady has to decide if to go by society's rules or her own.

In the first couple chapters we all learn the qualifications of Ellen's life. Ellen is a small girl whose father is an alcohol addiction and mother is very ill and eventually dies which leaves her to deal with herself. Ellen cooks, clears, manages funds, and more for her and her father. Most children at her age will not even bother about these kinds of items much less get it done their do it yourself. Not only is definitely Ellen's daddy an intoxicating, he violations her and shows absolutely no love on her. The first line of the book expresses Ellen's feelings toward her father. Ellen says, " When I was little We would think of approaches to kill my own daddy. I would personally figure it out this or because of this and operate it straight down through me until it got easy. ”(1) Ellen was forced to become an adult and mature leaving her to practically have zero childhood. The only part in the book where Ellen even displays her purity or the qualities of a kid is the moment she feels her fresh foster family's last name is usually Foster. Though Ellen went through all of these crisis alone your woman stayed positive and was determined to a single day include a family of her own and her determination paid off. This analyzes greatly to society today because a lots of parents are lacking from their kids lives whether they are alcoholics, sick, or had the child by mistake. The fact that a five year old kid must care for their home is a pretty unhappy thought and shows...