How Much Do Dental Assistants Make

Before we answer the question of how much do dental assistants make, we need to look what does the job of a dental assistant involve. Dental assistants perform a variety of duties which include everything from paperwork to ordering supplies to maintaining records, to assisting the dentist, to operating the x-ray machine and so on. It is a career that is exciting and a wonderful career for those that enjoy caring for people. Many people that are interested in the career are interested to know how much do dental assistants make. The answer to that varies, and we will detail a bit more the factors that help to lead to how much do dental assistants make.

Dental assistants are in a position that they receive a great deal of satisfaction each day. This makes the job much more valuable. How much do dental assistants make? The salaries vary, but they are a competitive salary and one that provides most who choose the career with a stable lifestyle.

Factors That Affect How Much Dental Assistants Make

There are many factors that influence the amount that a dental assistant makes. The size of the town or city is one. Another factor is how long the dental practice has been in business. A well-established dental office is likely to pay more than one that has just started up.

As of May 2010 the Occupational Employment and Wages reports dental assistants, on an average, earn right around $34,140 annually. Again, how much a dental assistant makes will depend on the size of your town or city. An example of average salary for dental assistant from state to state is as follows: Connecticut at $40K, Minnesota at $41K, New Hampshire at $41K, Alaska at $42K, the District of Columbia at $47K, Alabama at $54K, California at $55K, Wyoming at $55K, and New York at $60K.

The dental assistant salary can be a quite comfortable salary, and when topped with a job that most enjoy getting up and going to work for daily, is quite rewarding. Dental assistants pay is typically biweekly monthly.

The advantage of a career as a dental assistant is that it is a career that is constantly growing. When you consider a dental assistant career you should consider how much you want to make. As mentioned earlier there are various factors that influence how much do dental assistants make. For those that would like to make the maximum possible, then they must set goals and commit to going in the right direction. The type of training and the school in which you receive the training will be important. If you are shooting for a high salary for dental assistant then you should become a registered dental assistant as it will open the door to much higher paying opportunities.

Registered Dental Assistants

How much do dental assistants make? Registered dental assistants are in a much better position for higher pay as they have greater opportunity in forms of more specialized dentistry. Another advantage of being a registered dental assistant is that you have a greater range of procedures and duties that you are qualified for. You will have a much greater opportunity to be hired in specialize forms of dentistry such as oral surgery and orthodontics offices. When you consider how much do dental assistants make, you want to consider how far you want to go in your career and how much you want to make. A bit more training to become a registered dental assistant will definitely help to open greater opportunity and yield the high salary.

If you do choose to go to the top of the ladder of how much do dental assistants make, you will go with becoming a registered dental assistant. A registered dental assistant must complete training from a dental assisting program that is accredited. Once you successfully complete your course, you will then be read to take the Dental Assisting National Board examination. After you have passed the exam you will then receive your certification. Once you have two years of experience as a dental assistant, you can then become licensed. To become licensed you will have to take the DANB certification test.

As you can see, how much do dental assistants make depends greatly on the path you choose, the city you live and the experience you have, as well as the age of the practice. A career as a dental assistant can be a career that leads to a comfortable lifestyle and how much do dental assistants make depends on how much you are willing to dedicate and commit yourself to achieve a greater education. While, some programs can be a year or under to complete, to achieve top dollar you will need to become a registered dental assistant.

How much do dental assistants make? For professionals that are just entering the field another factor that may influence how much you make may be your grades. Obviously, the degree of schooling has an influence, but your GPA will likely also have an influence. Employers look for candidates that have advanced in the field and have the training that goes above and beyond, as well as, the grades that backs that they did receive the training and know how to perform. These are the employers that pay for the extra that the candidate has to offer.

In conclusion, how much do dental assistants make is largely up to the dental assistant themselves. Dental assistants can position themselves so that they are in a very lucrative position in a high paying city. The more education you have the greater opportunity there will be for high paying jobs. A career as a dental assistant is a rewarding career and one that offers advancement t individuals. It is a career that even without top dollar most value the daily routine and find great pleasure in being a dental assistant as it is something that they love. How much do dental assistants make? It could be anywhere from $37K to over $60K, it all really depends on the various factors that influence the salary

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