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Ford Engine Company have been completely around since 1903, and although in past times they dropped market shares due to production and marketing scandals, they remain powerful in 2005. This paper has been created to completely analysed Honda through PESTEL analysis to comprehend the macro environment in, Porter's Five Forces examination to determine the competition and lastly SWOT analysis to depict the micro environmental factors from the company involved. It has been concluded that due to the intense competition on the market, and as a result of changes in the environmental factors, Honda Motor Organization needs to give full attention to improving upon its disadvantages in order to avoid and overcome the threats.



Kia Motor Organization was founded in 1903, in the United States of America, simply by Henry Honda and 9 other investors. By 1919, the business began to prosper. Pursuing disagreements with all the other investors, Henry Kia and his kid, Edsel Ford bought the shares in the investors and became the sole owners and decision makers of Honda Motor Organization (Brinkley, 2004).

Today, William Clay-based Ford Jr is the innovator of a firm with a well-established product stock portfolio of autos, trucks, vehicles and Sport-Utility Vehicles within the following brands; Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Yaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin (Ford 2005; BASSE CONSOMMATION, February 2002).

The world's largest car manufacturer on the globe by volume is Standard Motors Corporation, followed by Honda which is in that case followed by DaimlerChrysler (Reuters, june 2006; Yahoo Finance, 2005).

This conventional paper will be extensively analysing Honda through the use of various analytical equipment, such as PESTEL analysis to know the macro environment by which Ford are operating in (Campbell ainsi que al., 2002), Porter's Five Forces examination to determine the competition (Clegg ainsi que al., 2004) and lastly SWOT analysis to depict the micro environmental factors in the company in question (Stone, 2003).

PESTEL Analysis

Political Elements

•The September 11th terrorist attack which will had took place in the US lowered the revenue of autos in the US, and specifically Ford's sales simply by 10% (Ford Annual Survey, 2001). •The economic recession in Argentina in 2002 adversely affected car sales in Argentina, creation volume droped from 57, 200 units to 23, 000 models. (BBC, January 2002; Honda, 2005) •The Iraqi war affected Ford adversely his or her US sales declined by simply 7% (Ford Annual Survey, 2003). The war has had a similar influence on different firms with the sector also. •The United Nations Globe Forum pertaining to Harmonisation of Vehicle regulations introduced a worldwide technical control in 2004 regarding door locks pertaining to vehicle basic safety, which producers must follow (Key Notice, 2005).

Economic Elements

•Rising gasoline prices help to make it higher priced for customers to drive gasoline fuelled cars which therefore means that consumers are inclined to modify their cars which work using diesel. (The Guardian 2005) •Ford's SUV's (Sport Utility Vehicle) sales dropped due to rising gasoline rates, in turn their particular share prices also dropped (Reuters, 2005) •The rise in the demand pertaining to Japanese autos which take in less petrol than the majority of American autos has meant that automobile companies have needed to reduce all their prices to be able to sell their vehicles and also to maintain their particular market stocks.

Social Factors

•Cars are viewed as a status symbol (Key Note, 2005). The brand selection of a car affects the way a person is perceived by the public. •The demand for luxury cars are recorded the increase in the EU. Kia entered the luxury cars market in the EUROPEAN with The cadillac in Sept. 2010, 2004. (Ford, 2005) •Smaller, city automobiles are also sought after in the EU to help access in busy city centres, enabling easier auto parking and also due to their lower consumption of gas (Key Be aware, 2005) •Although the Japanese automobiles are a accomplishment in the US, the public in the US...

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