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Biochemistry and biology


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Portfolio Management – Risk and Go back

Copyright В© 1996-2006 Purchase Analytics

one particular

Time Worth of Money

Simple vs mixture interest Daycount methods Discounting principles

Copyright laws В© 1996-2006 Investment Stats

Portfolio Management – Risk & Return

Slide: a couple of

Time Benefit of Money

Simple principle

Funds received today is different coming from money received in the future This kind of difference in value is named the time value of money When we borrow or lend, this kind of difference is usually reflected by interest rate

Copyright В© 1996-2006 Investment Analytics

Portfolio Managing – Risk & Return

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Time Benefit of Money


I give you 75 today but you have to pay me back one hundred ten in one season interest rate is definitely 10%

That means:

110 in one year has got the same benefit as 100 today or: the 1-year interest rate can be 10%

Copyright В© 1996-2006 Investment Stats

Portfolio Management – Risk & Returning

Slide: 4

Present and Futures Value

110 may be the future benefit of 75 today 75 is the present value of 110 in 1 year's time That means: 110 in one year has got the same worth as 95 today or perhaps: the one year interest rate is usually 10%

Copyright laws В© 1996-2006 Investment Stats

Portfolio Administration – Risk & Go back

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Compound Curiosity Example

Imagine interest rate = 10% and I have $100 to invest And what will I enter 1 year period? Simple answer: $110

$100 x (1 + zero. 1) sama dengan $110

Sophisticated answer: depends upon how compute interest

Simply by computing interest more frequently I am able to earn much more than $110 Copyright laws © 1996-2006 Investment Analytics Portfolio Administration – Risk & Return Slide: 6th


Suppose interest is calculated every single 6 months

Following 6 months, My spouse and i get interest

how much: (1/2)($100 x 0. 1) = $5 this is (1/2) a year's curiosity now, my own account balance is usually $105.

At the end of the 12 months, I earn interest intended for the second half the year in $105 just how much: (1/2)($105 by 0. 1) = $5. 25

I have $110. 25

We made $0. 25 extra!

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