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Dimensions of health


Relates to the useful functioning from the body and it's really systems. Eg. 1- Staying free from illness and disease

2- Becoming within the healthy weight range.

3- Drag a normal amount of physical activity


Being able to connect to others advertisement participate in the city, in the two independent and cooperative methods. Eg. Develop and maintain sociable interactions and relationships – Communicate positively and proficiently with other. React in socially appropriate ways.


A state of well-being in which people realise their particular ability to care with the normal senses of life, can work productively and therefore are able to make a contribution to their community. Eg. Having self-confidence, having a high strength level and being able to resolve problems. Q2. Definitions

Wellness Status

A persons or populations overall amount of health taking into account various elements such as life expectancy, amount of disability and level of disease risk elements.


one particular DALY = 1 year of healthy life lost as a result of disease or perhaps disability. Solution: YLL (Years of life lost) +YLD (Years of life managing disability/ disease) Life expectancy

A sign of how very long a person can anticipate to live if perhaps death costs do not change. HALE

-Refers to the number of years lived without decreased functioning as a result of ill health and is as a result an indicator of standard of living. OR - The measure of burden of disease based on life span at birth, but including a great adjustment to get time spent in poor health. OR -- It is the number of years in full well being that a person can expect to have, based on current ill health insurance and mortality habits. U5MR

The quantity of deaths within a population of children under your five yrs old per 1000 live births during a specific time period. Mortality

Deaths within a population


Refers to levers of illness and disability in a population measure of how many people experienced...