Israel Location Paper

 Israel Location Paper

Israel Position Paper

As 1948 Israel-Palestine issue is a huge problem to get the international community. His home country of israel was founded following the end of world conflict two. Ever since there have been problems for several factors. When Israel was founded the Arab countries did not recognize the sovereignty of the new country. Likewise the Palestinians were in disagree, mainly because although there were over Uk control that was their particular land. That is why they should get their own sovereign state ruled by Palestinians. By building a Palestinian point out several of the Middle East problems could be fixed. One of the major concerns between these two sides is the West Financial institution and Gaza Strip occupation. Israel features taken this territory because theirs since the 6-day war. From that time on His home country of israel has build and expand its human population about 220, 000 (In a Nutshell: Israeli Palestinian Conflict G. 2). This has been mostly in the West Bank. As a result Palestinians persist withdrawal from your territory. In the Camp David Accord Israel agreed on offering full Palestinian control over the Gaza Strip and most in the West Financial institution. These will certain circumstances such as: The state of hawaii would not offer an army with heavy weaponry and His home country of israel would lease contract areas inside the Jordan Valley or maintain temporary sovereignty over them for up to 25 years. Palestinians refused this treaty. Another big problem is the care about the Palestinian asylum seekers. The problem regarding the asylum comes from the Israeli Warfare of Independence in 1948. Israel gained this war so about 756, 1000 Palestinians fled or were exiled from their homes. And again in 1967 there are a lot of refugee. At present there are regarding 4 , 000, 000 Palestinian refugees (The Middle east Refugee Issue p. 3). Most of them live in really awful conditions without having hygiene, hard to find food and basic products. They reside in crowded refugee camps in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinians want these types of refugees to return to their homeland. The problem is this description now these...

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