individual against society

 individual against society Essay

Individual Against Society

The theme of the person against contemporary society is central to the perform. Throughout we discover evidence of the pressures about individuals to adapt what society expects from. For example: ladies are not allowed to dance, ebooks other than the Bible happen to be frowned upon, Steve Proctor is definitely distrusted by many people because he will not go to cathedral regularly. This kind of last case is used very significantly because the world that Proctor lives in is created on faith based principles. Any individual choosing to stray by going to chapel could be known as rejecting religious beliefs and in accomplishing this would become rejecting and finding fault with the culture that they lived in. This idea is then presented through the figure of David Proctor. He realises he may have to take a stand against society in order to be true to himself. During the play John Proctor is called on to denounce his own wife, his friends and finally himself. He is put through an ordeal by notion, eventually accepting his very own death insteading of making a false confession.

This topic is also conveyed through the establishing and plot. Set in the tiny, tight made community of Salem, the play's environment provides an correctly claustraphobic ambiance for the poker site seizures that occur. The world of Salem is encased by strict moral and religious codes which without doubt encourage the growth of hypocrisy and the abuse of electric power. The confined setting from the play effectively reinforces the trapped psychological state from the principle character types.


A style strongly linked with that of the indivdual and society. The characters of Elizabeth and John Proctor are both very strong but flawed individuals who have come to terms with their own disadvantages. Each is put to the test being their marital life which survives despite, or maybe, because of, what each must suffer. The play chart the growth in self-knowledge of both these characters and is exploring the nature of their particular guilt, their particular pain, and above all their moral valor, in facing up to the consequences of their activities. In the end they will both come through the " crucible" filtered. Proctor visits his fatality with the self-knowledge that this individual has served with ethics and that his name/the fact of himself is still in tact.

The law/justice

This kind of setting in Salem as well as the use of witch trials creates a situation in which we can understand why people presumed that the only safeguard against evil was laws that forced individuals to conform. There was no area for style from Salem. Danforth presents the law which is determined to stick to his idea of the law whatever the cost, even if it is going to cause injustice - confirmed by " But you must understand, friend, that a person is either with this court docket or he or she must be measured afainst it. There will be no road between".

In the second half of Work 4, Miller shows us how At the, Danforth, Good and Parris all have a different perspective of proper rights and what the truth actually is. He needs us to take that Elizabeth's version of " the truth" is a more suitable. There is much talk of judging people in the play, and a scene by which professional idol judges conduct all their business legally speaking; Elizabeth explains to John in Act 5 that the girl cannot assess him and that " there be no higher judge under Paradise than Proctor is". The message this provides you with is that our company is the best assess of yourself and that we ought to not judge others.

Religion/Hostility to Ideology and Theocracy

The enjoy is set within a theocracy, a religious community, however there seems to be controversy as to what God wants of people. The church (which controls all life in Salem and which usually forbids delight and pleasure and almost any innocent pleasure) means different things to characters such as Danforth, Hale, Ruben and Elizabeth Proctor. For John Proctor it seems to become place of data corruption, where funds is put in needlessly in candlesticks and too much time is usually spent on speaking about " Hell".

The theme of " hostility" to...