Jobs For Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienist jobs are on the rise. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 181,000 jobs for dental hygienist practitioners occupied in 2010. The number rose from 152,000 in 2007. About 30,000 jobs added in just 3 years can be enough justification to the assertion that indeed, the occupation is a promising one.

The bureau expects that jobs for dental hygienists will continue to rise. The agency projects that by 2022, the number of dental hygienist jobs might further increase by 38%. That translates to another 68,500 vacancies that can be created and filled up in 10 years. The figure is really impressive.

More Projections About Jobs For Dental Hygienist Practitioners

Dental hygienist jobs abound across the US. The current increase rate of general dental jobs is about 3% annually. In comparison, the increase rate of jobs for dental hygienist practitioners is much higher at 13%. This clearly indicates that more and more people are jumping in to take a career in the profession.

The projection figures can be a basis for assertions that demand for jobs for dental hygienist practitioners will continue to be high. Fierce competition can also set in as better skilled and more reliable dental hygienists start to get recognition and better compensation.

The attractiveness of the job may not only apply for the US. There are also numerous dental hygienist jobs overseas. The occupation is also becoming a popular option for part-time professionals. A dental hygienist can work part-time as well. Many dental clinics presently hire dental hygienists on hourly basis.

Salary Structure For Jobs For Dental Hygienist Practitioners

Jobs for dental hygienist practitioners generally earn $30,000 to $120,000 yearly. Across the US, the average earnings can be translated to $73,989. That range is higher compared to how much dental assistants make in general, which is about $22,000 to $50,000 per year. The two occupations should not be mistaken for the other as those have respective job descriptions that are different.

Salary for jobs for dental hygienist practitioners varies by state. For instance, a dental hygienist based in Alaska may earn an average annual salary of about $110,000. In comparison, the same professional may earn $96,500 in California and just $40,400 in Utah. Thus, dental hygienists should carefully and strategically choose the state to work in to make a greater living.

Education Path For Jobs For Dental Hygienist Practitioners

It is a requirement for one to attend and complete a program in a dental hygiene school before he is allowed to take any of the jobs. In most cases, a license issued by state is also required, which can never be obtained without proper education. Dental hygienist programs usually take about two years to complete.

Jobs for dental hygienist practitioners may also depend on programs taken. Those that earned a bachelor’s degree can logically qualify for better opportunities as compared to chances open for those with certification or diploma. Higher degrees and longer training can help a dental hygienist enjoy better professional opportunities.

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