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 Lao Tzu Critical Zoom lens Essay

Lao Tzu once said, " He who gains success over other men is usually strong, but he who gains a victory over himself is all powerful. ” I believe which means that the most effective person can be one who is aware of and offers control over themselves. Richard Wright, in his autobiography Black Youngster, and the titular character of F. Scott Fitzgerald's new, The Great Gatsby both provide themselves in portraying the fact of this offer.

This offer can be construed as saying that one who is aware of and has control over themselves is the most strong individual. A person might be physically sufficiently strong to defeat someone in battle, nevertheless faced with a personal or interior problem, they will not be able to conquer it given that they don't understand themselves enough to manage the issue. Lao Tzu is saying that people who fully understand themselves enough to overcome their problems and defeat the internal obstacles that stand in their particular way are usually more powerful individuals than those who also do not, even though they might be better in a physical or other sense.

In his autobiography Dark Boy, Rich Wright has the most electricity over him self because although he hails from a culture that oppresses blacks, this individual does not allow it affect his own perception of values, and is constantly on the oppose the will of his superiors through the book by simply not contouring to their anticipations. His do it yourself control and understanding tutorials him throughout the many struggles he faces in life. Were he certainly not the wise and understanding person he could be, the chances of him giving in towards the oppressions of society would've been much greater and he might not have had the capacity to lead the life he would. Even though he may not have very much power over his surroundings, the fact that he understands himself makes him one of the most powerful.

Inside the Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is not powerful because has no genuine understanding of him self or his actions. While Gatsby is definitely a successful businessman and extremely strong in the monetary and sociable world, his lack of...