Psychology and Health Problems

 Psychology and Health Problems Article

The multi-factorial model can be utilised in a variety of ways in psychology. By using many hereditary and life-style facts to be able to help to diagnose or prevent future medical problems. The model may also be a great emotional tool to ascertain and help detect people with emotional disorders or perhaps those who could possibly be prone to them. This model has helped psychology be able to better understand and manage a large number of health problems.

In order to learn how this performs, we must first go into greater detail about what precisely is the multi-factorial model. The multi-factorial version is made up of many different factors to determine our health and just how at risk we are to condition. They can incorporate biological factors, sociocultural elements, environmental factors, personality, behavior, and different causes. Some of the factors in the model we can control such as the behavior; while others we have simply no control of whatsoever such as each of our biological elements. In the factors that we can easily control you will discover known indicators that will make an individual more vunerable to illness. For example , someone who cigarettes cigarettes and has a terrible diet set themselves in a higher risk intended for cancer and obesity. In the event that this person even offers biological elements like a daddy who perished of cancers, then they could be at an increased risk

for turning out to be sick. In applying this model to this scenario, health professionals could determine an alternative to act as preventative steps to keep this kind of from going on. A second example of how we could apply this model to the diagnosis of illness can be someone who could possibly be at risk for any heart attack. We could look at the habit, such as which kind of diet anybody could have; we could also look at stressors from this person's existence. If they had a top stress job with a long commute, then it would be safe to say that they had the stressors of daily trouble and aggravation as part of all their daily routine. You can see clearly from the two examples that...