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Personal Integrity Statement

" Integrity is the subset of philosophy worried about evaluating man action” (Guido, 2010, s. 3). My personal core of ethics involves compassion, value and qualified. I believe a nurse need to have compassion in order that the nurse and patient can establish a connection relationship. When the nurse reveals her closeness and love, patients may feel this and they will work with the nursing staff. I as well remind personally I should admiration my individual, their family, my co workers, and myself. With esteem, I can exclusive chance my person's wish by giving nonjudgmental care and support my person's cultural perception and preference. I believe qualified plays an important role in nursing practice. When utilizing Watson's caring theory in my nursing jobs practice, I actually focus on the human-to-human relationship. I will listen to my patient's concerns and acknowledge person's problems and emotional and spiritual requires so as to provide personalized patient proper care and let them feel better. The actual result shows I tend to think through problems carefully and try to be fair to everybody in order to attain an ethical result. Certainly with the effect because We try my personal best to deal with my sufferers fairly irrespective their male or female, cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic status. Even my patient can be homeless with mental illness, I will still provide specialist nursing treatment. Meanwhile, Let me advocate and speak up for my individuals if my personal patients are being treated unfairly. For instance, if I begin to see the nurses laugh at an obese patient at the nurses place, I will generously remind them it is an inappropriate behavior, and we should certainly aware of our biases and be professional. Through several years' training, I try to figure out my beliefs. I think when I understand the principles, it inspires the decision makings. Personally, My spouse and i value autonomy, responsibility, proper rights, and dedication. I believe these virtues can guide to actions. I should work at all times in a fashion that respects my own patients and coworkers, snacks them...

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