Advertising Management Smu 4 Signifies Quiz

 Essay regarding Marketing Administration Smu 5 Marks Test

Issue 1

Match this aspects related with the production strategy - Customer preference | |

Nature | |

Applicability | |

Company desirability | |

Question 2

Identify the correct sequence leading to potential demand --

| a. a. |

| b. b. |

| c. c. |

| d. m. | Right Choice: this forms the correct sequence leading to demand | Issue 3

Identify the ODD affirmation: Pricing is known as a part of advertising function due to these benefits -- | a. It takes into consideration competition and competitive prices | | | b. It helps in getting rid of losses due to product failure | Correct Choice: This is actually the ODD statement and does not belong in Costs benefits as pricing can simply minimise anticipated losses | | c. It brings in revenue |

| d. It assists in deciding the obtaining capacity of consumers | | 4

Match this Marketing mix components with example -

Price | |

Promotion | |

Physical facts | |

Item | |

Issue 5

Arrange the proper sequence from the tasks related with Marketing control - A. Evaluate marketing performance B. Set promoting objectives C. Take corrective actions G. Measure advertising performance | a. Deb, A, C, B |

| b. A, C, N, D |

| c. B, D, A, C | Right choice: these are the sequential stages in marketing control | | d. C, B, D, A |

Query 6

Identify the right statements signifies Price of your product - A. Their a Value B. Their an intangible value C. Its determined by seller D. Its negotiable by consumers.

| a. A, B, C are right |

| w. A, C, D are correct | Right choice: Price is fixed as the monetary value by seller and is usually negotiable by customers | | c. A, B, Deb are right |

| d. B, C, D are correct |

Query 7

Match the next with ideal terms -

Publics | |

Government | |

Culture | |

Environment | |

Question 8

Discover the true and false affirmation - Assertion: A. Bigger the inflation rate lower will be the customer's purchasing electric power Reason: B. Decreasing rates lead to inflation | a. A-true, B-true |

| b. A-true, B-false | Correct Choice: inflation is the response to increasing prices and bigger inflation causes less purchasing power of customers | | c. A-false, B-true |

| d. A-false, B-false |

Question 9

Exactly what the basis for differentiating Micro and Macro environment? | a. size, complexity and consistency |

| b. size, uncertainty and complexity | Right Decision: these a few factors decide the micro or macro environmental impact on | | c. size, complexity and threats |

| d. size, authority and complexity |

Issue 10

Match this marketing research steps with examples - Define an advertising problem | |

Select Exploration design | |

Collect information | |

Evaluate information | |

Question 10

Find the correct order in which Marketing research performs these kinds of tasks of managing information - A. Analysing data B. Collecting data C. Recording info D. Reporting data | a. M, B, C, A |

| b. C, A, M, B |

| c. W, C, A, D | Right decision: this order is correct mainly because it is reasonable in efficiency | | d. A, D, M, C |

Issue 12

Recognize the true and false claims - A. Data examination can include charts and statistical tables N. Data research should have conclusions and suggestions C. Info analysis must interpret the analysed data | a. A-true, B-true, C-true |

| m. A-true, B-false, C-true | Right choice: Data analysis is only a certain task that just analyses the provided data through graphs, desks, interpretations, sketches etc . Following analysis, the next phase is to state the findings and based on the findings, results are appeared on the analysed data | | c. A-false, B-true, C-false |

| d. A-false, B-false, C-true |

Question 13

Match the following with...