Expression paper in Tokyo Sonata

 Reflection paper on Tokyo Sonata

Reflection Conventional paper #3: Tokyo Sonata

The movie Tokyo Sonata shows an ordinary Japanese family, whose members have personal secrets that they can try to cover from one another. The father, Ryuhei Sasaki, can be fired by his function, and the mom, Megumi usually feels unhappy. Their initially son Tadashi suddenly enlists for america Army, plus the younger kid Kenji secretly dreams of being a pianist. For me, this film highlights the absence of connection in people in modern day Japanese society. I could not really sympathize with the relatives described inside the movie mainly because my family associates get along amicably with each other. Heading back from school, We and my younger brother enjoyed discussing with mother about things occurred in that working day. So performed my father when he came back by work. Anytime I face problems that I cannot handle by myself, I look for help via my parents. Nevertheless my father can be patriarchal in certain sense, just like Ryuhei in the movie, he doesn't be reluctant to ask different family members to get advice if he needs to. Nevertheless , as I understand that absence of communication has been a problem in many people in contemporary society, I used to be able to determine what the movie was trying to claim.

Since the movie relates to family matters, table appears repeatedly. The dining room table probably signifies the place where most members collect as a family. And I pointed out that it happens only one time that all users gather to experience a meal, which in turn illustrates deficiency of communication amongst family members. Interactions on the dining table during meals play an essential role in developing romantic relationship among users, yet those are lost in Kenji's family. I do believe the movie director is trying to show that this insufficient communication is the cause of the issues every member in Kenji's family suffers. If they had demonstrated just a little desire for each other's problems, circumstances would not have been this bad. Megumi was so pathetic when states " I am hoping all these occurring in my life...