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Chapter I


The machine design task, Enrollment System that will supply the needed and storing info in a quicker, more convenient method by storing file with the student enrollees in a computer that will decrease the effort of faculty staff in storing data of each scholar every now and then. This will also act as information specifically the abnormal students, freshmen, transferee, and professor in able to get access in course, subject matter, professor, and student enrollees. This information here can be viewed in just a second without worrying that a sole file is usually lost. The concept behind a enrollment system is not a new concept. As student enrollees increase annually, enrollment procedure become harder to deal. This will only serve to boost the problem facing enrollment that provides more easy method in enrolling. This will end up being a big aid to all the enrollment staff specifically under the laptop department since they are the one who also are entitled to touch and see the information from here. It will help our institution to have another program that will update the registration processes to be able to meet the top quality that our organizations are trying to meet up with. Today, the utilization of technology have been an effective tool on enhancing such kind of enrollment program. In this study, the use of Image Basic six. 0 and SQL databases will help to improve the efficiency of the enrollment inside the CvSU. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION

A college is a great institution that aims to train pupils underneath the guidance of teachers. It truly is primarily dependable in inculcating lessons, concepts and principles into the minds of the college students. The school managers are in control in managing and arranging information essential in keeping the institution steady. One vital part in managing a school is having an excellent enrollment program...