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 Shortage of Staff Memo Essay

Subject: Need for additional staff

Sadly I must talk about the issue in staff scarcity during the night switch. As a registered nurse manager on the night switch, I am concerned about the ineffectiveness in the staff due to the need for further staffing. We currently have a total of 15 staff for the night switch, when actually, we need about twice as many. In order to make sure great client satisfaction and outstanding effectiveness for our work environment, I believe it is very important that we talk about this issue and follow through with a simple solution, immediately.

It is quite difficult intended for staff to perform their tasks to the best of their skills because they are likely to complete different tasks within a short amount of time, which, as you can imagine, is not the best way to work. The stress this dons the staff is no way beneficial to individuals and the hospital overall. We now have had many patients leave the hospital. Different angry patients and instant staff make it evident that we get a extreme shortage of staff. The following is a directory of additional concerns I have seen with the deficit of staff for the night change.

* Increase in postponed procedures

2. Upset people

* Pressured staff/Bad feelings

* Continuous errors because of stress of overload

* Unfulfilled customers

I have received a large number of complaints not simply from sufferers but coming from discouraged personnel in this division. Through past experience I have discovered that with higher amount of staff during night adjustments, it helps with productivity, client satisfaction and productivity. I suggest you pull in more staff at this time to help run the department even more smoothly, most likely contact recruiting and hire temporary personnel. Hopefully, you take this into consideration so this matter can be solved. We look forward to meeting up with you.