Stop Cigarettes Based on Public Health

 Outlaw Cigarettes Based on Public welfare Essay

15 06 2011

Stop Cigarettes Based upon Public Health

Discussion: The production and sale of cigs must be outlawed for the health of the American general public. Pros| Negatives

1 ) Cigarettes include dangerous chemicals that kill| 1 . Personal liberty lost| 2 . Smoking cigarettes lead to numerous diseases and illnesses| installment payments on your Loss of significant tax revenue| 3. Are a public health danger to others whom don't smoke| 3. Provides the smoker a feeling of gratification and pleasure| four. Are addicting and hard to break habit| 4. Copie does not work. Someone will find a method to provide such as the alcohol prohibition in the twenties which was repealed. | your five. Healthcare related costs are sky rocketing| 5. Build a black industry and cause more criminal activity such as unlawful drugs

Remember the days once cigarettes had been smoked on television and in the films. When you may turn on the tv see and Winston cigarette commercials or perhaps go to a cigarette sponsored showing off event. Okay, maybe My spouse and i am dating myself a bit. In today's world cigarettes have become the object of controversy, ridicule, and disgust. The discussion that the production and sale of cigarette has to be outlawed for the health of the American public features its value but has its fallacies. One of the first fights for the band about cigarettes is the fact cigarettes contain dangerous chemical substances that can eliminate and cause numerous illnesses and illnesses. Yes this can be a valid level but there are numerous legal products on market that can get rid of and result in numerous disorders and health problems, such as liquor and more latest studies advise cell phones. Another argument pertaining to the band is that smoking cigarettes are a public well-being hazard to other's that don't smoke cigars. Yes this too can be described as valid stage, second hand smoke is a topic which has received a lot of attention and study over the last couple of years but fixing cigarettes might violate the rights of " freedom and the pursuit of happiness” of the people who wish to smoke cigarettes....