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Burleigh Heads

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Part three or more Strategic Destination Development

... with its village atmosphere, Burleigh Heads is a modern day Australian beach front escape.

13. 4 Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads is usually part of the southern Gold Coast. It has a community atmosphere using a strong perception of regional identity and community. The Burleigh Headland to the south and South Nobby to the north provides Burleigh Heads' beach front with a cove-like environment, an attribute that generally provides for great beach conditions for both surfers and bathers. The natural design and style, combined with two Surf Your life Saving clubs and patrol towers over the beach, supply a sense of safety and protection intended for visitors to Burleigh Heads. This can be a popular travel and leisure destination, particularly for families and daytrip visitors from Brisbane. This acceptance is best shown in the beach's standing because the second many utilised seaside on the Rare metal Coast, in back of only Browsers Paradise102. Considering the comparative insufficient tourist accommodation within the Burleigh Heads region, particularly along the beachfront, the popularity of Burleigh Heads seashore suggests that it can be fair to explain it as being a destination of choice for equally locals and visitors. A restaurant and café precinct is appearing in Burleigh Heads over the Esplanade and beachfront. The foreshore parkland is also a favorite location intended for picnics, barbeques and special events. The central street full and business area is situated adjacent to outdoor parklands over the ridgeline. The profile of Burleigh Mind has been enhanced through the association since the home of the international search wear organization, Billabong. As a result has added a recognisable organization character for the area. The easily accessible Burleigh Heads National Park and scenic advantage points around the headlands stay significant tourism assets with this area.

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