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Traffic Managing in CREDIT Networks Above Satellite Links

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This record presents a survey from the traffic administration issues inside the designing and implementation of satellite-ATM networks. First a reference satellite-ATM network buildings is offered along with an overview in the service categories available in CREDIT networks. The error qualities of satellite tv channels, and techniques to enhance the error attributes, and the effect on ATM network performance are then talked about. A wait model for satellite sites and the major components of delay and postpone variation are described. A survey of design choices for TCP over UBR, GFR and ABR companies in ATM is offered next. The primary focuses is definitely on visitors management concerns. Several recommendations on the design choices for successfully carrying data services over satellite-ATM networks will be presented.

Table of Articles

1 Introduction3

2 System Issues4

installment payments on your 1 A Reference Buildings for Satellite-ATM Networks5

2 . 2 Service Categories in ATM Networks7

3 Satellite television Channel Error Characteristics98

a few. 1 Influence of bursty errors on the ATM layer10

3. a couple of Impact of bursty errors on AAL protocols12

3. 3 Impact of Bursty Errors about Physical Coating Protocols13

3. 4 Alternatives for Enhancing Error Characteristics17

3. five Performance Studies of Reed-Solomon codes18

three or more. 6 COMSAT's ATM Link Enhancement (ALE) technique19

four Satellite Wait Characteristics21

some. 1 Postpone Requirements of Applications2221

5. 2 Satellite Network Wait Model2322

some. 3 Postpone Variation Characteristics25

5 Press Access Protocols for CREDIT over Satellite2726

6 TCP Over Satellite-ATM: Interoperability Issues2726

6. 1 TCP traffic jam control28

6th. 2 Style Issues for TCP/IP over ATM30

six UBR and UBR+33

7. 1 Performance Metrics34

six. 2 TCP over UBR: Performance35

six. 3 UBR+: Enhancements to UBR36

six. 4 TCP Enhancements42

six. 5 Barrier Requirements intended for TCP more than UBR+43

several. 6 Certain Frame Rate49

8 ABR over Satellite53

8. one particular ABR Assistance Overview53

almost eight. 2 ABR Source Rules54

8. installment payments on your 1 ABR Source Guideline 5 over Satellite54

8. 2 . two ABR Resource Rule 6th on ABR over Satellite55

8. 3 ABR Move Schemes59

8. 4 TCP over ABR60

8. 5. 1 Mother nature of TCP Traffic at the ATM Layer60

8. four. 2 TCP Performance above ABR61

8. 4. a few Buffer Requirements for TCP over ABR63

8. 5. 4 TCP over ABR: Switch Design Issues66

8. 4. your five TCP Overall performance over Backbone ATM-ABR Networks67

8. a few Virtual Supply / Virtual Destination69

9 References71

1 ) Introduction

ATM technology is expected to give quality of service structured networks that support tone, video and data applications. ATM was originally created for fiber structured terrestrial systems that show low latencies and low error prices. With the widespread availability of multimedia system technology, and an increasing demand for electronic on-line across the world, satellite networks may play an indispensable part in the deployment of global networks. Ka-band geostationary satellites using the gigahertz frequency variety can reach user ports across a lot of the populated globe. As a result, ATM based satellite television networks can be effectively accustomed to provide real-time as well as non-real time marketing communications services to remote areas.

Satellite telecoms technology offers a number of advantages above traditional terrestrial point-to-point networks [AKYL97]. These include,

• wide geographic coverage including interconnection of " ATM islands”,

• multipoint to multipoint communications facilitated by inherent...

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