The character of Alice in Lena Coakley

 Essay within the character of Alice in Lena Coakley

The persona of Alice in Ardore Coakley's " Mirror Image” is insecure and uncomfortable. Alice will go through a alter, a change caused by a tragic car accident which will left her clinging on her life in a dead body. Alice becomes the first individual to ever before receive a mind transplant which will gave her a new appear. Although Alice is completely aware about this, she's still extremely confused about her new appearances. Alice seems that physical appearance and individuality are two different parts. " Mirror Image” does not uncover extensive information about Alice's overall look. Alice's eye which are large and darkish are described on many occasions during the story. Aside from her eye there is no immediate information about her body. Alice's body, nevertheless , is imagined by the visitor to be low fat and athletic. This images is the consequence of the following quotes. " Alice grabbed a chunk of her thigh, simply no cellulite” and " Today you're going out for girls, for goodness sake. ” Alice radiates confidence relating to her fresh body. " Alice strolled across the bedroom like a trend model, using nothing but dark-colored bikini under garments. ” She believes which the change is definitely an extreme improvement from her old human body, " Basically, as systems go, this is a lot better. ” Alice is plainly confused about her identity. Her confusion is better displayed inside the following quote: " The eyes are the mirror from the soul, this individual used to declare. Whose heart is that? Alice wondered. To get a moment, your woman considered yelling but , it had been too much trouble. Besides, that wouldn't be her shout anyway. ” Alice displays insecure actions which is proven by her frequent self-reassurance. " Just you, Alice, she would say to their self, looking how you've often looked. " After Alice's encounter with Mr. Jarred, she reinsured herself all over again, " In a small corner from the sidewalk the girl wrote her initials, ACS, with the idea of the umbrella. ”