The Crucible Paperwork

 The Crucible Notes Essay

The Crucible Notes


* Based on purity of religion

* People are fearful of witches

2. They have their own vocabulary

2. H. M. Mencken's classification: " the haunting fear that somebody, somewhere, has fun. ” * Their life is depending on religion, prayer, God and work

Puritan Legacy Positives and negatives:

* Positives: They have a solid work ethic

5. Cons: They may be harsh and judgmental

They have strong discipline including general public shame and twisted morality Theocracy (n. ) a kind of government; ZERO separation or perhaps church and state Crucible (n. ) 1 . A container in a position to withstand wonderful heat installment payments on your Molten collection space three or more. A extreme test or perhaps trial The Playwright: Arthur Miller-

* Themes: Family relationships, values, and personal responsibility * He could be from New York City

* This individual lived through the Great Depression

* Won The Pulitzer Reward in 1949 for Death of a Jeweler

* He wasn't a very good student

5. Arthur Miller's involvement with McCarthyism ideas * Your dog is a story

ACT My spouse and i

1) Placing:

* Salem, Ma in 62

* Reverend Parris's residence

* In the upstairs room of Betty Parris

2) Characters:

* Reverend Parris: -In his 60's –He used to be considered a business person –Dislikes kids –Is a slave owner –Graduated from Harvard –Has lots of money –Is a widower -Is pious, trusting and powerful

* Betty Parris: -10 years old –Rev. Parris's child –Inert 2. Tituba: -In her forties –A slave from Barbados –Betty's mom figure * Abigail " Abby” Williams: -17 years of age –strikingly amazing –young –Reverend Parris's relative –An orphan

5. John and Elizabeth Proctor: -Farmers –Well respected –Elizabeth has been sick and tired * Reverend Hale: -In his 40's –From Beverly –Very smart –Witchcraft " specialist” * Sarah Great: -Older female –Widowed –Homeless

* Goody Osburn: -Older woman –Half witted –Begs

* Jane Warren: -18 years old –" nanny” pertaining to the Proctors (7 weeks after Abby was) -subservient...