The Gettysburg Address simply by Abraham Lincoln subsequently

 The Gettysburg Address by simply Abraham Lincoln Essay

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On Nov 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln gave a reverent and humbling presentation for the soldiers who had given their lives in the battle of Gettysburg pertaining to the reform and progression of the region. He says that the brave men who also here gave their previous full way of measuring devotion” should be highly esteemed for the sacrifice that they made. Lincoln establishes his ideas throughout the usage of rhetorical devices including, an charm to cast, parallelism, and juxtaposition. Lincoln never uses the words " I, ” or " you, ” to address his audience, yet instead uses " we, ” " our, ” and " us, ” to establish ethos and connect to the audience -- the North and the To the south. He repeats these words and phrases through out the whole speech, using similar diction to tie the whole piece together. The key phrase " … a final relaxing place for many who here offered their lives…” demonstrates the application of ethos, along with pathos, considering that the vast majority of the audience had suffered losing a family member, additional developing Lincoln's bond while using audience. The utilization of ethos had a strong influence on the audience, yet the use of parallelism is used in pivotal moments of the conversation. When Lincoln subsequently states " we are unable to dedicate --we cannot consecrate -- we cannot hallow” the parallelism brings the clauses collectively, which is intended to make huge emphasis intended for the unification of the divided nation. The dashes inside the parallel transactions create intensity. The use of juxtaposition is continuous through out the piece, to create imagery Lincoln subsequently compares life and death. The words " conceived, ” and " new birth, ” supply the living element of the text, which later alterations to fatality using phrases " unfinished work, ” and " last full measure of loyalty, ” To Kill a Mockingbird by simply Harper Shelter tells the story of Ben Robinson. A black guy falsely charged of raping a light woman, Mayela Ewell, throughout the eyes of Atticus' daughter Scout. Atticus Finch decides to take his case and defend him. Although the case was misplaced from the...