The Keays Versus Honda Case

 The Keays Versus Honda Case Dissertation

Fact Overview:

Kevin Keays had been employed with Honda Canada for 14 years if he was fired. During his employment, Keays was clinically determined to have choric fatigue syndrome and was granted disability keep for about couple of years. After the couple of years Keays went back to job, however Honda became concerned when Keays was constantly absent. Honda requested Keays visit with the organizations occupational medicine consultant to further detect his condition. Keays rejected to hold with Hondas request and sought legal guidance at which point Honda terminated his work.

The Keays versus Honda case was presented in court 3 times. The first of which ended in Keays favor with the trial judge purchasing Honda to pay Keays damages depending on a 15 month period plus an additional 9 several weeks the termination itself. Honda was also ordered to pay Keays an additional 500 usd, 000 in punitive damages as the foundation that Honda's action wherever discriminatory. Consequently, Honda become a huge hit this original decision after which the Ontario Court of Appeal received involved. The Court of Appeal thought the twenty four month " severance package” to be appropriate, however they disagreed with the first $500, 000 punitive damage. The debate was that Keays legal rendering failed to prove that Honda experienced conspired against Keays minimizing the punitive damages to $100, 1000. Again Honda appealed the decision which bumped the case directly to the Supreme Court of Canada. After analyzing the situation the Great Court believed that zero punitive problems should be granted arguing that Honda's actions where in no way in " bad faith”. In conclusion, Keays received the 24 month grace pay out that was originally honored to him.