The negative effects of Technology

 The unwanted side effects of Technology Essay

Dajah Burrell

March 21, 2014

British 4 Pd. 2

Doctor Bailey

Older Project

Just how many times will the average person verify their mobile phone in a day? In respect to Joanna Stern of ABC media people verify their telephones 150 times a day. Yes a phone along with other varieties of technology offers people the liberty to connect in just seconds, allows individuals to carry their designer games plus the internet anywhere they go, but people have become too determined by technology. Internet sites, cell phones, tablets, and computer game systems have be a necessity that individuals lives, causing the interruption of education, developing developmental skills and health. Though technology features advanced the earth, it nonetheless negatively influences the lives of many. Technology has become a bad problem in the lives of many people due to this effect on education, developmental, and health. Nelson Mandela when said " Education is among the most powerful weapon which you can use to alter the world”. However he never particular whether it might change the universe for the better or not. Thus which one is it? Education is the key to creating and enhancing technology. Simply to have that technology sabotage students education. Teachers should use technology to teach students, but should they be allowed to? Technology in the classroom enables teachers a much more up-to-date, easier way to teach for those who discover how to use it. Even so technology in their classroom also " takes away beneficial learning time, it can be overused, and it can as well turn educational experiences into games for students” (Kalaus, Julia " Negative Effects”). Kalaus procedes explain that in colleges located in impoverished areas may well have college students without pcs or access to the internet at home and need to be educated how to use the technology for a rate that meets all of the pupil needs. Also that many students need a mental or physical approach to see what exactly they are studying and if most of the instructing is done on the computer than that need just isn't...