The southern area of Colonies

 Southern Colonies Essay

Southern Colonies

The southern groupe consisted of five of the initial thirteen groupe, which were New york, South Carolina, Atlanta, Maryland, and Virginia. The place that the climate was your warmest out from the three imperialiste regions, which usually to those living there was a good thing because survival in the winter was easier for these people. Even in older days, money continues to be an issue for several. This is why various colonist by New England decided to move to the Southern Colonies. Inside the southern colonies, the puritans didn't struggle as much as other folks, due to their geographic location. The southern soil was good for agriculture. The southern colonies' economy was based on the indentured workers, who help out a lot in growing all their three primary cash seeds; tobacco, rice, and indigo. Although though those will be the main vegetation grow, they may be not the sole ones because there were also different incomes involving such as doing some fishing, lumber, as well as growing smaller sized crops just like wheat, corn and other from the source.

Though, the cultural system might have seemed strict to those about, everyone in the south followed and existed by the rules. Therefore there was no key conflicts, because everyone knew where they might stand and knew who also their " better” was. This meant they know who they need to show their honor and respect to. Those white plantation owner who can afford the indentured workers can be on top, next came the white people who could find the money for land although did not have sufficient to afford indentured workers, after that would be the indentured workers themselves, following all of them would be the cost-free black folks, and then finally would be the slaves. However , there was one thing not even the social classes can come among, which was there religion.