The United Arab Emirates as well as the World: Scenarios to 2025 Section you: Preface

 The Usa Arab Emirates and the Globe: Scenarios to 2025 Section 1: Preface Essay

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Section three or more. Oasis


Section 5. Sandstorm

21 years old

Section your five. The Fertile Gulf


Section 6th. Comparing the Three Scenarios


Section 7. Conclusion


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The United Arab Emirates and the World: Cases to 2025 Section one particular: Preface




To explore the long lasting effects of the challenges and opportunities faced by the UAE and the GCC countries on the whole, the World Monetary Forum created a set of situations for the GCC countries covering an interval of 18 years to the year 2025. These scenarios, The GCC Countries plus the World: Scenarios to 2025, were showcased at the Globe Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2007 in Davos and publicly launched at the Globe Economic Online community on the Central East in Jordan in-may 2007. In answer to ongoing interest in the region and

Considering that the turn of the century, the United Arabic Emirates (UAE) has been using a growth of high and rising oil prices and robust development in property markets. Its economy has become growing in an average of over 7% per annum in real terms between 2k and 3 years ago. A significant amount of the resulting assets are being re-invested in the country at both the government and local level in a bet to develop an economy it does not rely on energy resources; these kinds of reinvestments take those form of public-private partnerships, system investment and schemes to aid specific programs such as education and schooling. However , the country and the area still face important politics, economic, social and environmental challenges. Externally, there is the elevating threat of geopolitical instability, including unresolved national and intercultural relationships which have the capability to adversely affect the UAE's economic and social composition. Likewise, many global economic risks warned the UAE's smooth international expansion, both in terms of volatility in regional and international markets, and the chance of increasing protectionism in the global trading program. Internally, the UAE also faces issues in managing social and political unbalances, including unemployment, skewed salary distribution and fractures in the federal construction. Finally, environmental pressures jeopardize the availability of water methods, marine areas and a great unpolluted atmosphere, all of which are required to support the UAE's growing population as well as its burgeoning travel and leisure industry. With the World Economic Forum, we are committed to increasing the state of the world by surrounding the global, regional and industry agendas, and promoting conversation on key issues that face our...