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1 . 0 Introduction2

2 . 0 Business background2

several. 0 Organization Goals3

some. 0 Internet site Goals3

a few. 0 Focus on Audience3

6. 0 Predicted User Environments4

7. zero Competitor Web page Analysis4

8. 0 Website Temple Designs6

9. zero Website Storyboard / Content8

10. 0 User Tasks9

11. zero Development Tools9

12. zero Process Analysis10

13. zero Marketing Techniques10

14. 0 Conclusion11

15. 0 Reference12

1 . 0 Introduction

With the development of technology, at present the affect of internet site cannot be dreamed of. So every single hotel requires its own home-page. Because the website is a good chance to provide consumers an excellent online experience (Musante, Michael M; Bojanic, David C; Zhang, Jian, 2009). Therefore , NANLIAN island vacation resort also developed a website to attract the attention of folks. At the outset, you will have a brief intro of business background of NANLIAN Isle Resort. Subsequent, business desired goals, website goals, target audience, internet site template patterns, website content material storyboard, site page content material, user jobs, forecasted use environments, competitor website analysis, development tools, process examination as well as promoting techniques every will be reviewed in this conventional paper. The purpose of this amazing site plan is to create a ideal website to draw more tourists and offer standard service for customers. 2 . 0 Business background

NANLIAN Island Resort has a long history, set up in 1963. After the improvements of times, currently it has become an extremely famous resort from all over the world. It has a amazing location, which is located in Moreton Island-the third largest fine sand island in the world, Brisbane, Sydney. Therefore each room features invincible sea view. NANLIAN Island Resort is a all-natural attraction and the unspoiled magnificence of Moreton Island, with the resort's superior facilities, presents a complete enjoyment experience. The company is geared towards all ages, just like family, young people, old people and international customers. Different types of places to stay aim to distinct customers' require. There are six types of accommodations, hotel rooms, resort models, resort selection, beachfront rentals, holiday properties and profound blue luxurious apartments. NANLIAN Island Hotel focus on support for customers, it also cooperate with a few international firms and then set up a long lasting friendship cooperation to ensure the guests of every time. 3. zero Business Goals

Business goals should be obtained as subsequent:

Non-financial desired goals

5. Set up confident public belief (measured at the end of every year by questionnaire) * To improve public publicity, there must be in least 1 magazine record about NANLIAN Island Resort each month. 2. To increase buyers satisfaction simply by 20% within one year. ( measure by the end of every year by questionnaire) Financial goals

2. To increase market share over 15% over one year

5. To increase month to month profits by 20% above one year period (January 2013 to January 2014) * To increase reservation rate by simply 20% within six months

four. 0 Website Goals

As business goals talked about above, this part- website goals support business desired goals and it is the main element part found in the business strategy. Like various other normal internet site, the basic target is that share information, encourage brand, promote collaboration and give easily accessible approaches to purchase merchandise. And three website goals as pursuing: * To boost 20% of booking rate through web page booking system by January 2013. * To increase the number of member to 25% through website sign up by December 2013. 2. To increase the feedback via customers by 20% within one year. a few. 0 Audience

According to Australian Bureau of Stats (2011), there is also a high amount of the human population aged twenty to 44 years in Brisbane. Thus the main concentrate on of...

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